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The Look of Love

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Dec. 6, 2006

Since becoming mom to now-10-month-old sons Dexter and Frank, jazz singer Diana Krall puts a new twist on an old standard. “I’m practicing the smoky, sexy, Scotch-infused tones of ‘The Wheels on the Bus,'” she jokes. In fact, on a recent three-month tour promoting her new album The Very Best of Diana Krall, the twins were along for the ride, and “the wheels went round and round and round for, like, 18 hours a day.” Such is the troubadour’s life now that Canadian-born Krall has her “carny kids.” “There’s a book I picked up in England called something like A Healthy, Calm, Content Household with Twins,” she says. “It’s like, 7 a.m., open up the curtains, feed them, 11 a.m., close the curtains, put them in their beds…. You need a whistle and a stopwatch.” But on her bus, which is equipped with two cribs once used by the Dixie Chicks, she keeps things more laid-back. While Krall, 42, steams and mashes everything from salmon to papaya, husband Elvis Costello, 53, serenades the boys with his guitar. And what’s so very funny about these private concerts? “If we just walk into the room, they start clapping,” says Krall. “We didn’t train them to do that for applause!”

Also getting kudos is Krall’s return to her famous form-fitting sheaths thanks to cutting out sugar and dairy, doing yoga and pumping weights. Baby weights, that is: “I’m lifting 22-lb. babies all day.” Her only mommy peeve? Those high-pitched, squeaky singing voices coming from wind-up toys. “I think I’m going to audition for Fisher-Price,” says Krall, “so parents just don’t go mental.”