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The Larry-Go-Round

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GOSH, MAYBE THEY WILL LIVE HAPPILY ever after! Following a mere 18 months of marriage, marred only by two major separations and the hiring of big-time divorce lawyers, media personality Larry King and his fifth wife, Julie Alexander, are back together—at least they were as of May 20.

The two, who had been saying some rather nasty things about each other (but only through their lawyers, so it didn’t really count), told USA Today, “We’re together forever,” as they left the Albert Schweitzer Leadership Awards dinner in New York City. King said the divorce action had been dropped and they were looking for a house in Virginia. “I’m going to make this work,” he said. “It’s worth it.”

That might come as a surprise to anyone who read the May issue of Philadelphia magazine, which carried a cover story headlined KING VS. KING and dished the dirt on Larry the Lothario and Julie, a legal headhunter from Philadelphia. It probably was even more of a surprise to anyone who had read the divorce papers. King charged that Julie “did abandon and desert the marriage,” and that she “engaged in a course of conduct designed to defraud, misrepresent and intentionally omit facts pertaining to her purported net worth, emotional health, educational background and the existence of numerous prior live-in sexual relationships.”

Larry and Julie first separated six months after their Oct. 7, 1989, wedding. The unhappy couple hired divorce lawyers, and the billable hours began to mount. After seven weeks they kissed and made up, and Larry graciously paid Julie’s estimated $16,000 in legal fees. Later, however, he was said to be flabbergasted when told that Julie’s lawyer was also a former beau. The second separation began last November. Lawyers were again retained.

Two days before the Schweitzer dinner, there was a hint of the startling announcement that was to come. Julie and Larry were seen dining at Duke Zeibert’s Washington, D.C., restaurant, the site of the Kings’ wedding. “They were like two lovebirds,” says Zeibert. “I’m sure they’re going to be happy together—he spoke so well of her even when they separated.”