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The Jackson Two

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La Toya, 36, And Michael, 34

INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCE I: They look exactly alike.

INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCE II: They look like no one else on Earth.

They are the brother and sister from another planet—bizarre, otherworldly changelings beamed here to inhabit the corporeal space relinquished by the real Michael and La Toya, but unable to maintain the physical illusion as feature alter feature changes shape and texture and color. And—a dead giveaway of aliens in our midst—they never manage to dress like human beings. Sometimes they try. La Toya, the diva du jour of Paris for a few months last summer during a run at the Moulin Rouge, went to the opening of Euro Disney wearing a little cancan number that made her look, well, Goofy. And Michael? “I remember what he looked like as a child, and he was so cute,” says interior designer Mario Buatta. “Now I just wish he’d find his other glove.”

Or he could lose the one he’s got.