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Fifty-three-year-old singer John Denver did not leave a will before his death on Oct. 12, when the small plane he was piloting crashed into California’s Monterey Bay. According to the laws of Colorado, where Denver lived, the singer’s estimated $20 million estate is to be divided equally among his three children: Zachary, 23, Anna Kate, 21, and Jesse Belle, 8. But this is not sitting well with Denver’s second ex-wife and the mother of Jesse Belle, Cassandra Delaney. Sources tell me that lawyers representing Delaney, an aspiring singer whose five-year marriage to Denver ended in 1993, are pushing for Delaney to receive a controlling interest in the estate, along with any of Denver’s musical instruments and recording equipment. The matter has yet to reach the courts, but one confident Denver source predicts “there is no way in hell” a judge would reward Delaney “at the expense of” Denver’s two other children, both adopted during his 15-year marriage to his first wife, Annie Martell….

Picture this scene as it played itself out one night at Aspen’s Caribou Club, a week before Michael Kennedy’s death dampened the mood of the ritzy resort town. In one of the private club’s five rooms, Donald Trump chatted with a few friends while his first wife, Ivana, sat in another room with her new boyfriend, Ferrari importer Roffredo Gaetani d’Aragona. And, to complete the set, in a third room at the very same time, Donald’s recently estranged second wife, Marla Maples, dined with their daughter Tiffany. Yet another Caribou habitué this season was Kevin Costner, who, according to one club member, “was with a new female companion every time” he showed up….

Horrormeister Stephen King has cowritten an upcoming episode of The X-Files that will deal almost exclusively with Gillian Anderson’s character, Dana Scully. King wrote the script, his first foray into episodic TV, with X-Files co-executive producer Chris Carter. The show will air on Feb. 8….

Danielle Steel has written a book about her son Nicholas, who died at 19 of a drug overdose in September. The manuscript, His Bright Light, to be published next fall by Delacorte, marks Steel’s first nonfiction work since Having a Baby, which she coauthored in the early ’80s with a number of other women. Steel, 50, who is now left with six biological children and two stepchildren, says she intends to wear only black clothing until the one-year anniversary of her son’s death….

Now that director James Cameron’s Titanic appears to be well on its way to recouping its unprecedented $200 million-plus budget, I was wondering what became of the massive ship Cameron had built, which was reported to be almost nine-tenths the size of the original Titanic. Well, I’m told that it was dismantled and subsequently stored in a Los Angeles warehouse. But the 40-foot miniature Titanic, which Cameron used for many of the movie’s sweeping seagoing shots, will eventually be on display at the Fairgrounds, a Fox studio complex and theme park that is currently under construction in Sydney. And here’s one last bit of Titanic trivia: No fewer than nine people are listed in the movie’s credits under the heading “additional makeup.” One of them is named Mel Gibson. I can’t imagine what his life is like.