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A few years ago, Shaquille O’Neal replaced the hood ornament on one of his vehicles with the Superman logo—the S, of course, also standing for Shaq. Well, now O’Neal is thinking about slapping a larger Superman S on the front door of his new $2 million-plus digs in Los Angeles. This time, though, the S may fit Shaq to a T. On Aug. 15, he’ll be swooping onto movie screens as the title hero of Steel—based on another character from DC Comics lore—a former military metallurgist who dons a suit of armor and fights crime. The 7’1″ Los Angeles Lakers center says he also thought about remodeling his new foyer to resemble a basketball court, complete with a regulation-size basket and two rows of arena seats on each side of the room. But Shaq abandoned the notion, he says, “when my mother said it wasn’t a good idea.”…

Last November, ER’s Sherry Stringfield stunned fans of the NBC series by announcing she was checking out of her role as Dr. Susan Lewis and moving from L.A. to New York City, where she could have more time for her private life and be close to her boyfriend Odell Lambroza, an investment banker. Now comes word that the couple have parted company. The tabloid Star reported that the split resulted from objections by Lambroza’s Orthodox parents that Stringfield, 30, isn’t Jewish. Her press rep, however, says the breakup was “amicable and had nothing to do with anyone’s religion.” Stringfield’s publicist quotes her as saying that she and Lambroza, 33, “feel okay” about the split, and that the actress, who’s not doing anything professionally at the moment, “remains perfectly content” away from the weekly series grind….

Just because a rock star becomes a promoter, it doesn’t mean he’s going to start wearing business suits. Consider the case of Porno for Pyros front man Perry Farrell, who’s also a member of the newly reassembled Jane’s Addiction and the guiding force behind the annual summer Lollapalooza tour. Farrell, dressed in an open-to-the-waist khaki-colored shirt, climbed a backstage fence at the recent Lollapalooza show on Randall’s Island in New York City to get a better look at the crowd. A beefy security guard grabbed him from behind and pulled him down. Apparently the guard didn’t recognize Farrell, whose most significant fashion faux pas was failing to don the appropriate neckwear: a backstage pass….

Sometimes when celebs go out in public, the rest of us have to yield the right-of-way. Sharon Stone and her latest boyfriend, San Francisco Examiner executive editor Phil Bronstein, walked into Charles Nob Hill, a tony San Francisco restaurant, on a recent Saturday night, claiming to have a dinner reservation. They didn’t, according to a Charles rep, but were seated immediately at a corner table—the same one that another couple with confirmed reservations had been waiting for. The displaced diners, recognizing Stone, chose not to make a stink, and the restaurant paid them back with free drinks while they waited for another table.