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Sharon Stone seems to go through men the way other women change stockings. But in new boyfriend Barry Josephson, Stone, 38, may have finally found someone with a romantic past as busy as her own. Josephson, 40, production boss at Columbia Pictures, has been linked with many famous gals, including Paula Abdul, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Aniston and Olivia d’Abo. And you may recall that his name turned up in a newspaper story as being among the movie hotshots listed in Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss’s appointment book. Josephson and Stone, whose most recent boyfriend was Guess? jeans head Michel Benasra, have been hot-and-heavy for only a few weeks. And though I hear that each is telling friends they’re keeping their options open, Josephson did accompany Stone to Manhattan on Nov. 14 for an appearance she made the following night on behalf of the American Foundation for AIDS Research….

If you’ve seen the trailer for The Evening Star, the Terms of Endearment sequel starring Shirley MacLaine due Dec. 27, you might conclude that Jack Nicholson’s role in the movie is substantial. But, in fact, Nicholson’s time onscreen totals no more than four minutes (of which, contractually, only 30 seconds could be used in the trailer). He shot all his scenes in four days in exchange for a piece of the box office gross. So are there any scenes of Nicholson in the movie that we haven’t already seen in the trailer? Evening Star producer David Kirkpatrick says yes….

Jay Leno may be ahead of David Letterman in the late-night talk show ratings war, but he lags behind when it comes to Christmas largesse. Letterman regularly treats the holiday season “as a mini-industry,” according to his executive producer, Rob Burnett. In fact, I saw one Letterman gift list for this Noel that bears the names of 124 celebrities, including such favorite guests as Regis Philbin, Kathie Lee Gifford, Julia Roberts and the entire cast of Friends. “And that’s only one list,” says Burnett, adding that there are several others, including Dave’s personal list (which includes Madonna, Tom Snyder and Johnny Carson). Leno is a more discriminating Santa. “He doesn’t have a huge Christmas list,” says his rep, “but selects individuals with whom he is friendly. It’s more of a personal thing to Jay.”…

I’m sure that Madonna would like to know that her Evita director, Alan Parker, was beaming happily when my spies spotted him lounging around near the cash registers at a Tower Records in Los Angeles. What accounted for his good mood? The long line of people queuing up to buy the Evita soundtrack on the very first night that the record was available.