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Hang on to your hats. Twister 2 may be on its way. Executives at Warner Bros, and the creative team behind the tornado thriller—certain to top $100 million at the box office before Memorial Day—have already had conversations about launching a sequel. But whether Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton will be back chasing the whirling winds is an open question. Neither star’s contract included a sequel provision, and to get them back Warner would doubtless have to pay the two considerably more than the mid-six-figures I hear each collected the first time around. Keep in mind that 20th Century Fox, which neglected to sign Keanu Reeves for a Speed sequel, had to jump his salary from a reported $1 million-plus for the 1994 blockbuster to a reported $7 million for Speed 2, which begins production this fall….

Rosie O’Donnell is taking her son to work. O’Donnell, a single mother whose syndicated daily talk show, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, begins June 10, has converted one of the rooms in her new office suite near the studio in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center into a nursery for her 1-year-old tot, Parker Jaren. Just because she’s bringing him to work doesn’t mean she’s going to put him on TV or turn him into an inescapable off-screen presence, as Kathie Lee Gifford does with her son Cody, 6, and daughter Cassidy, 2. “Fame is tough enough on me,” says O’Donnell. “On a child, it can be impossible. If I talk about how my child was toilet-trained on TV, years later when he’s a teenager people are going to remind him about it.”…

Sharon Stone’s latest dramatic efforts, Diabolique and Last Dance, have both failed at the box office. Though she received an Oscar nomination this year for Martin Scorsese’s Casino, will two flops in a row hurt her career? I checked with several Hollywood insiders. Although one agent said he thinks Stone’s current asking price, now at least $6 million, will fall, most consider the actress still hot and note that her movies perform well overseas. All she needs, they agree, is the right movie. “The vehicles were wrong, not Stone,” says a publicist. “As long as she doesn’t fail in a movie in which she crosses and uncrosses her legs, she’ll be fine.”…

Christine Baranski, who plays Maryann on CBS’s Cybill, is telling people that next season her character and Ira, Cybill’s second ex-husband, played by Alan Rosenberg, will consummate their fledgling romance. A Cybill rep would neither confirm nor deny….

Jenny McCarthy, Playboy’s 1994 Playmate of the Year and currently cohost of MTV’s Singled Out game show, isn’t talking, but I hear she’s upset that Playboy Home Video will soon release The Best of Jenny McCarthy. The $20 tape, which features McCarthy romping in the nude, is the latest in a Best of series, which includes tapes of Pamela Anderson Lee and Anna Nicole Smith. McCarthy, who has a small role in Tom Arnold’s summer film, The Stupids, can’t stop the video legally. Asked to comment on McCarthy’s objection to the tape, her spokeswoman opined, “It’s not indicative of Jenny’s current career path.”