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In Los Angeles, it’s easy to go from teed off to teeing off. Two years ago, Jack Nicholson was charged with smashing another driver’s windshield with a golf club. Later that year, eyebrows were raised when he served as host of the annual L.A. Police-Celebrity Golf Tournament. Now, he has signed on to play again in the event on May 18, which is expected to raise $300,000 for police widows and orphans. Asked about Nicholson’s handicap, an L.A. police representative jokingly said, “Joe Pesci [this year’s host] is Nicholson’s handicap.” Actually, Jack’s handicap is 13. (As for the ’94 incident, Nicholson reached an out-of-court settlement and all criminal charges against him were dismissed.)…

After her appearance at the Academy Awards, there was plenty of media sniping about Alicia Silverstone’s weight. Not to worry. Warner Bros., for which the Clueless star will play Batgirl in the forthcoming Batman and Robin, has got Silverstone, along with the rest of the Batman cast (including George Clooney, Uma Thurman, Chris O’Donnell and even Arnold Schwarzenegger), working with individual personal trainers. “The 10 more pounds Silverstone needs to lose,” promises a highly placed Warner source, will be gone by the time B&R begins in August. All the film’s director, Joel Schumacher, will say is that he has seen Silverstone in her Batgirl costume “and she looks fabulous.”…

The nearly $100 million in combined U.S. box-office grosses of Bad Boys and A Thin Line Between Love and Hate is having a major impact on Martin Lawrence‘s bankbook. Depending on whom you talk to, the comic will take home between $5 million and $7 million to costar with Tim Robbins in a new buddy comedy, Nothing to Lose. This represents a hefty raise from the $1.5 million he was paid per film for Bad Boys and Thin Line….

Actress Lolita Davi-dovich, mid-30s, and her longtime boyfriend, writer-director Ron Shelton, 50, are engaged. The two have been together since 1989, when Shelton directed Davidovich as stripper Blaze Starr in the movie Blaze. No wedding date has been set… ”

Christie Brinkley, single since the breakup of her seven-month marriage to real-estate developer Rick Taubman, has just rented a house on 35 acres in Bridgehampton, N.Y., some six miles on Long Island from the East Hampton house she shared with Billy Joel during much of their 9-year marriage. The two, whose daughter Alexa Ray is now 10, remain on friendly terms. Brinkley’s new digs come with pool, tennis court, baseball diamond, basketball court, stables and a cow named Molly….

Fictionally speaking, Winona Ryder wants to join the circus and has optioned a new first novel by Michelle Chal-foun, Roustabout, from HarperCollins. The book tells the story of a girl who endures a hard life under the big top. Ryder intends to star in and produce the movie version….

Kate Jackson, a single mother since adopting a baby boy late last year, has told her agents at William Morris that she would like to return to TV in a series. Easier said than done, but her agents are trying to find her an acceptable gig. Jackson’s last series was Baby Boom in 1988….

It was an audition Cary Elwes won’t soon forget. The star of 1993’s Robin Hood: Men in Tights was so keyed up during a recent reading for the role of a serial killer in the thriller Kiss the Girls, costarring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd, that when he was supposed to pick up a knife, he grabbed it by the blade, suffering a deep cut that required five stitches. But everything turned out okay, says his rep, because Elwes got the part.