Mitchell Fink
July 10, 1995 12:00 PM

SPIELBERG: EARTH TO MICHAEL By the time you read this, Michael Jackson will have re-recorded his controversial song “They Don’t Care About Us,” replacing the phrases “Jew me” and “Kike me” with “Do me” and “Strike me.” Credit Steven Spielberg, more than anyone in Hollywood, for getting Jackson to realize that he needed to take this action. According to sources, Jackson’s decision was a direct result of Spielberg’s personal intervention. The Schindler’s List director, who in 1993 contributed liner notes to Jackson’s HIStory album thinking it was just a retrospective, was outraged by Jackson’s seemingly anti-Semitic references in the new song, particularly the use of the word “kike.” Spielberg called Jackson after the pop star’s appearance on the June 14 Prime Time Live and chastised him for resurrecting a term that, in Spielberg’s words, “was practically extinct.”…

Jackson’s people, by the way, are in final negotiations with HBO for the singer to perform a cable-TV concert, tentatively scheduled for Dec. 10. Sources say the site of the concert—and whether it will be broadcast live—is still to be determined. A spokeswoman for HBO said she was unaware of any arrangement with Jackson….

Will Roseanne’s byline appear in the September debut issue of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s new political magazine, George? The television star says editors there asked her to write a 600-word piece to be called “If I Were President.” According to Roseanne, she did, but she has yet to see an edited version of her essay. Nonetheless she says she was “flattered” to have been asked and that she “really enjoyed writing it.” Spokesmen for George, however, were far less enthusiastic. In fact they went so far as to deny having any dealings with Roseanne….

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has supplied original music for a forthcoming British Airways commercial….

The results of recent amniocentesis indicate that talk show host Marilu Henner, 43, and her husband, producer-director Robert Lieberman, are expecting a boy. His name will be Joseph and he’s due in November. Henner said that on the set in Toronto, where she is shooting the upcoming NBC movie Fight for Justice: The Nancy Conn Story, about one of the founders of the victims’ rights movement, there’s a “Joey watch.” The phrase, Henner said, refers to the monitoring of her expanding profile throughout production. The character she plays in the film isn’t pregnant, so when Henner begins to show, it’s time to change camera angles. The Liebermans have another son, Nicholas, 1….

All work and no play isn’t a good idea for anyone, even the prosecutors on the O.J. Simpson case. So Christopher Darden accompanied Marcia Clark and her two small sons to the June 24 matinee of the L.A. stage production of Beauty and the Beast. Darden, Clark and the children seemed to enjoy the show, as did my source, who happened to be seated three rows behind them at the Schubert Theater….

Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan came this close to playing a Bible salesman in Feeling Minnesota, a forthcoming dark comedy starring Keanu Reeves and Vincent D’Onofrio as feuding brothers. According to a rep for the film’s distributor, Fine Line Features, Dylan fell out of the project over scheduling problems. He is currently on the road, touring in Europe. The film went on without him, and the small role wound up going to another veteran rocker, Levon Helm, the drummer of the Band. Helm is no stranger to acting; his credits include films such as Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980) and The Right Stuff (1983).

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