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Talent agents call them hip-pocket clients—those special clients who don’t sign agency contracts but agree to pay a commission if and when the agency generates business for them. John F. Kennedy Jr. and the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, have each recently become hip-pocket clients at the Michael Ovitz-run Creative Artists Agency in Beverly Hills. In Fergie’s case, CAA has begun pitching a pet project of hers, a movie based on the love story of Queen Victoria and her consort, Prince Albert. I’m told Fergie, who has written two books on Victoria, will be involved in the film as a consultant. As for Kennedy, CAA has agreed to help him find other new media outlets (cable, online, video, etc.) for his soon-to-be-published political magazine, George….

Some of Elizabeth Taylor’s friends are trying to get her to enter a weight-reduction program at UCLA’s clinical obesity center. I hear that Taylor, who is about to go public again with her latest perfume, Black Pearls, made an appointment for a consultation but canceled a few days later. Taylor’s spokesperson Chen Sam says she knows of no such call, adding, “Elizabeth is on her own diet, the one she wrote about” in her 1988 book, Elizabeth Takes Off….

Actress Holly Robinson (Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper) and Philadelphia Eagle backup quarterback Rodney Peete were wed June 10 in Los Angeles by the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Although the couple had worked for months writing their own vows, Jackson pronounced the two husband and wife before they had a chance to recite what they had written. They are now honeymooning in France….

Steven Spielberg just finished directing scenes for Steven Spielberg’s Moviemaker, an interactive movie on CD-ROM. The program stars Quentin Tarantino as a man trying to get off death row. Users can modify the plot with different beginnings, middles and endings, all contained on the CD….

Speaking of Spielberg, he has put off his family’s planned move to New York City from L.A. until late ’97. He says the start-up of his new DreamWorks film studio “is taking more time than thought.”…

During the recent Tony Awards telecast from Manhattan, Brian Bedford, a Best Actor nominee for The Moliere Comedies, was seen live via satellite from Cicada, a restaurant in L.A., grinning from ear to ear. But as soon as Ralph Fiennes was declared the winner for Hamlet, and the live remote from Cicada was switched off, Bedford cried out, “Oh, no!” and gestured disgustedly. So much for the thrill of just being nominated….

Kirsten Dunst, 13, who played the chomping child in Interview with the Vampire, has made the cheerleading squad for next year at her private school in L.A….

Finally, although he’s the junior partner on Batman Forever’s superhero team, Chris O’Donnell, as Robin, wears a molded codpiece that is distinctly larger than the one on Val Kilmer’s Batman getup. Some people on the set jokingly accused O’Donnell of paying extra to the costume sculptor to get a little extra in return.