Mitchell Fink
May 22, 1995 12:00 PM


Publicly, CNN’s Larry King and his fiancée, actress Deanna Lund, are saying the recent decision to postpone their wedding, originally scheduled for June 25, was the result of their hectic and separate schedules. (On King’s plate are an upcoming 10th anniversary TV special and the college graduation of his daughter Chaia; Lund is planning to do an infomercial.) Privately, it’s a different matter, according to a source close to Lund, who says the marriage is off. The source quotes Lund, 58, as saying she’s bailing out now because King, 61, is “too high-maintenance,” requiring too much time, care and attention….

The on-again, off-again marriage between Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith looks to be off again, and maybe for good. The couple, who reconciled last December after Johnson voluntarily admitted himself to the Betty Ford Center, are no longer living together, according to their longtime publicist Elliot Mintz, who says that reports about the end of their marriage are “not off the mark.”…

How much will Sandra Bullock reap now that she has proved herself at the box office with While You Were Sleeping, which has grossed $35 million in just three weeks? A knowledgeable source predicts that Bullock’s next starring role will earn her “maybe $10 million, easily between $7 million and $8 million.” That’s a big step up from the estimated $350,000 sources say she earned for Speed and even from the $1.5 million apiece she got for While You Were Sleeping and Two If by Sea, the romantic comedy she’s currently shooting with Denis Leary….

Barbra Streisand recently attended Indiscretions, the Broadway play in which Kathleen Turner plays an overbearing mother. Moments before the curtain rose, 71-year-old Esther Williams—star of MGM’s extravagant aquatic musicals of the ’40s—sitting across the aisle from Streisand, leaned over and asked her, “Are you who I think you are?” To which Streisand shot back, “Are you who I think you are?”…

Did you happen to see the May 11 episode of NBC’s Hope & Gloria, which featured Burt Reynolds guest-starring as himself? Odds are that Reynolds didn’t watch it. Turns out that doing the episode was not a pleasant experience for him or for the show’s producers. A source close to Lund, who says Reynolds was “a prima donna,” whose “disdain for the script” created “constant headaches.” Reynolds’ rep acknowledges that the actor “was not happy with the script” but says Reynolds went in “a day early, for no fee,” to help make it better….

Jodie Foster is set to star as a radio astronomer, a person who tunes in to extraterrestrial signals, in the movie Contact, based on Carl Sagan’s novel. George Miller (Lorenzo’s Oil) will direct Contact and Lynda Obst will produce. Filming begins in the fall….

Those were the Beach Boys, brothers Brian and Carl Wilson and Mike Love among them, in a Baywatch-style setting on the beach in Marina Del Rey, Calif., late last month. They were there to lip-synch for the video on “Summer of Love,” the first single on the new Bay watch CD. A source on hand says the tension among group members was apparent. “They were all smiles when the cameras were on,” says the source, “but they all went off on their own during breaks and hardly noticed one another.”…

And, finally, here’s a preview of Brian “Kato” Kaelin’s new stand-up comedy act. Bally’s in Las Vegas announced last week that Kaelin will open for comedian Louie Anderson starting June 8. Working on his act recently at a comedy club in Hermosa Beach, Calif., Kaelin looked out into the audience and said, “This is the first time I’ve been judged by more than 12 people.” Then he joked that, because of his well-publicized living setup with O.J. Simpson, whenever he checks into a hotel now, the desk clerk asks, “Do you want a room, or will you be sleeping on the sofa?”

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