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If you weren’t sufficiently surprised at the news that Dudley Moore, 59, married Nicole Rothschild, 30, on April 16, less than a month after he was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly abusing her (the charges were later dropped), take note of this: A source tells us that days before they exchanged vows, Rothschild was claiming that in Moore’s opinion they “should maintain separate residences” after they were married.

And maybe they will. We understand that Moore had been trying to sell one of the two closely situated beachfront homes he owns in the Marina Del Rey area of L.A., but just prior to the wedding he abruptly look the house off the market.

Why, you ask, would Moore be so eager to carry his bride over her own, albeit nearby, threshold? Well, Rothschild has two young children of her own, and, as she nonchalantly tells the source, “Dudley really doesn’t want the kids around anyway, so I’ll just walk down the down the street to see him.”


It looks as if model Rachel Hunter will be joining the ranks of Cher, Victoria Principal and Susan Powter as an infomercial hostess. No, the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swimsuit cover girl won’t be hawking tiny bikinis. In fact, she’ll be talking about expanding midsections, especially her own. Hunter, wife of rocker Rod Stewart, is five months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

According to Stewart’s manager, Arnold Stiefel, the infomercial, tentatively tilled How to Make It the Best Nine Months of Your Life, will feature exercises that are suitable for each trimester of pregnancy. Stiefel says the infomercial is set to begin shooting in May and will conclude “quite naturally” with the birth of the baby in September.


Remember last week we told you Pierce Brosnan was dating actress Julianne Phillips. Well, guess what? It’s already over. After a few dates, says a source, the two decided to call it quits “because of a lack of chemistry.” Hey, Tom and Roseanne may be available.


Move over, Barbie. Candy Spelling, wife of producer Aaron Spelling and mother of Beverly Hills, 90210’s Tori Spelling, is about to launch her own line of designer dolls, which will be called Candy Spelling’s Fantasy Dolls. Spelling proudly tells us that his wife designed absolutely everything about the dolls, including their clothes and accessories “right down to the underwear.”

There are 12 vinyl dolls the collection, some blond, some brunet, and each has a different name. One is called Victoria, which is Tori’s real name. Spelling says Candy will begin selling the dolls—at an as yet undetermined price—”later this year on QVC.”