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Country star Wynonna, who has jettisoned the surname Judd, seems to want to do the same with her much visible heft. Wynonna talked to PEOPLE last year about using food as an emotional “reward.” Now her manager, Ken Stilts, says he is negotiating for Wynonna to endorse the Ultra Slim Fast diet plan.

We’ve heard that Ultra Slim Fast is prepared to pay the singer six figures to sign. Stilts won’t comment on that, but he acknowledges that Wynonna has been using the product for the last couple of months and that there is already less of her than before.


If you’ve seen The Firm and read the John Grisham novel on which it was based, you may have noticed that deliberate “overbilling” of clients by members of the Memphis law firm is much more crucial to the story line in the movie than it was in the book. According to a source, director Sydney Pollack made overbilling a central part of the plot while brainstorming with screenwriters Robert Towne and David Rayfiel. “Generally speaking, Sydney hates lawyers,” says the source, adding that Pollack has been outspoken for years about how attorneys in Hollywood “overbill all the time.” Pollack declined to comment.


Judging by Eddie Murphy’s recent performance at the Montreux International Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the entertainer’s priorities in life are changing. Fronting a band led by Larry Graham (formerly of Sly and the Family Stone and Graham Central Station), Murphy, 32, sang an original song called “Myles Is Crying.” The lyrics suggest that Murphy is coming to grips with living en famille with his 8-month-old son, Myles, Murphy’s new wife, Nicole, 25, and their daughter, Bria, 3. Or maybe not. The song goes: “My superstar ain’t shining/ I ain’t funny and I can’t pack the house the way I used to/Bria’s starling school/And Nicole is oh so cool/ And Myles is crying, Myles is crying.” Okay, so he’s not Dylan. But Eddie was called back onstage for an encore. And it wasn’t to tell jokes.


Carrie Leigh. 30, the former girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, wasn’t surprised when she read recently that Bantam Books has sued Hefner for $400,000, claiming the 67-year-old publisher had turned in an autobiography that was, according to Bantam, not an “acceptable, professionally written presentation of his life.”

Leigh, who dated Hefner from 1983 to 1988, tells us that Hefner’s problem in writing the book “was that he could never get beyond his high school years.” She says he worked on the manuscript nearly every day and was “completely obsessed with it,” but writing about himself as an adult “would finalize his life, and he can’t deal with that.”

Bantam says $400,000 represents the portion of a seven-figure contract that Hefner was paid in advance. A Hefner spokesperson comments, “The book will be completed, and we are confident that it will be well worth the effort and the wait.