Mitchell Fink
September 07, 1992 12:00 PM


Geez, it seems you can’t play a round of golf with the President of the United States these days without being perceived as one of his supporters.

Kevin Costner, who attended George Bush’s inauguration in early 1989 and later played golf with him, was considered a Bush supporter by members of the November Company, Bush’s re-election advertising group. So sure were they of Costner’s allegiance that they wrote an ad script with him talking up the Prez. The problem? Costner had already turned down requests to be a part of the campaign.

A Costner source reports the actor is neither pro-nor anti-Bush. “Kevin has not taken a position either way,” says the source. “He has a friendly, personal relationship with the President, but he’s not a political activist, and it’s unlikely he’ll be out on the campaign trail.”


Music-industry buzz has the singing group Wilson Phillips breaking up imminently. This rumor is being fueled by lower-than-expected sales of the group’s latest album, Shadows and Light, which has so far sold 1.4 million copies, compared with 8 million for the group’s debut LP. Even more telling, perhaps, is the feeling among music-business mavens that Chynna Phillips’s stardom has already eclipsed that of her two singing partners, Carnie and Wendy Wilson.

Phillips’s star is indeed on the rise. The 24-year-old singer recently sat for a photo layout in Vogue and soon will be shooting the movie musical I’ll Do Anything. with Nick Nolte and Albert Brooks. By contrast, the Wilson sisters have no individual projects in the works.

We called Phillips to get the story. She stresses that the group “is not breaking up,” but admits that her “other career aspirations could get in the way of recording.” She says the group “means a lot to all of us. But we need to do our individual publicity, and that is just going to have to be OK with everyone.”


In an apparent effort to revive interest in Rob Lowe and his flagging career, a source in the literary community says his agents recently canvassed book publishers about having Lowe write his autobiography but found no takers. “The idea has since been abandoned,” says the source, adding that “publishers simply weren’t interested in the project.

This all comes as news to Lowe. He tells us that he never asked his reps “to test the waters for a book. I’d like the money, but it would be pretentious for me, at 28 years old, to write an autobiography.”


Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall may be a not-so-estranged couple after all. An eyewitness tells us that the two had a “low-key” dinner together Aug. 22 at Dallas’s ritzy Mansion on Turtle Creek. The couple reportedly spent the weekend at their Lone Oak Ranch outside the city. Hmmm. Could the 49-year-old rocker be trying to avert a permanent split because a breakup would cost him a fortune? Just asking.

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