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After a half year together, miniseries queen Jane Seymour, 40, and singer Peter Cetera, 47, have gone their separate ways. He spent the Christmas holidays skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho, while she stayed home with her two children in Santa Barbara.

Representatives for both of them confirm the breakup and say the two remain on friendly terms.

Their romance began soon after she separated last winter from her husband of 10 years, David Flynn, who was also her business manager.


Back in 1988, director Nick (The Boy Who Could Fly) Castle helped develop a script for TriStar Pictures that updated the Peter Pan legend. The script eventually became Hook, but Castle, who was slated to direct, was taken off the project and replaced by the much higher profile Steven Spielberg. Castle ended up sharing a “story by” credit on Hook with original scripter Jim Hart.

Now TriStar has hired Castle to direct Sleepless in Seattle, a love story that may star Kim Basinger and Dennis Quaid. Some sources in Hollywood view his selection as a payback by TriStar for having taken Hook away from him. (The film, out five weeks, has already grossed more than $90 million.)

TriStar chairman Mike Medavoy acknowledges that Castle “was owed money” for his early work on Hook, but the executive insists the decision to have Castle direct Sleepless “was not a payback, nor should it be viewed as such. We found a film he could do, and I gave it to him.”


Speaking of Hook, did you know that before Robin Williams played Peter Pan in that film, he was a Lost Boy in another Peter Pan movie?

Actually it’s only an eight-minute short explaining the process of animation, but it has been running continuously at Disney World’s Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park near Orlando for three years.

The short, narrated by Walter Cronkite, is shown at the beginning of Disney’s animation tour and features Williams as a tourist who steps into the film, becoming an animated Lost Boy.


In 1988, when Cher accepted her Academy Award for Moonstruck, the first person she thanked was her makeup man, Leonard Engelman. Now Engelman is coming out with his own cosmetics line, called Taut, and he’s including a dark purple lipstick, retailing for $7, that he is calling Moonstruck Purple. He says it is the very shade worn by Cher in the scene in Moonstruck when she goes to the opera with Nicolas Cage.

Cher, however, won’t be hawking Engelman’s lipstick or other products, because she is contractually bound to promote Aquasentials, her line of skin lotions and creams. She is currently shooting her own infomercial prior to test marketing Aquasentials in March.