Mitchell Fink
January 20, 1992 12:00 PM


Prime-time hunks, junior division: Who’s hot, who’s not, and which of these young dreamboats gets the most fan mail?

No surprise, the guys on top are those cover boys from Fox’s Beverly Hills, 90210: Luke Perry, 26, and Jason Priestley, 23. Each gets 3,000-plus letters a week, with Perry usually beating out Priestley.

The two have displaced Neil Patrick Harris, 18, now in his third starring season on ABC’s Doogie Howser, M.D., and Kirk Cameron, 21, the fast-aging star of Growing Pains. An ABC rep says Harris receives 1,000 letters each week, and Cameron, who used to get “vanloads” of mail, is now hauling in a mere couple of hundred weekly since passing 20 and marrying costar Chelsea Noble.

Other young stars every 13-year-old could tell you about are Mark-Paul Gosselaar, 17, of NBC’s Saturday morning teen show Saved by the Bell, who garners 400 letters a week; and Leonardo DiCaprio, 17, who joined Growing Pains this year and is already receiving 300-plus missives a week.


Watch out, Aspen. Your neighbor 207 miles to the southwest, Telluride, may be gaining on you in attracting big-time celebs, especially during the Christmas holidays.

While Ivana Trump and her boyfriend, Italian businessman Riccardo Mazzucchelli, were in Aspen, the irrepressible Donald and Maria chose to do their holiday frolicking in Telluride. Sylvester Stallone actually divided his time between the two resorts, but only in Telluride, says his rep, did Sly purchase land. T.D. Smith, a real estate broker and president of the Telluride Ski Co., tells us that Sly bought 11 lots at an average price of $334,000 per lot.

Oprah Winfrey has been in Telluride twice since November. Smith says Oprah “is considering a piece of land, 80 to 100 acres, for $3 million, as a possible site for a second home.”

Still, as attractive as Telluride has become for the rich and famous, it’s doubtful, says Mayor Peter Spencer, that the former mining town will ever be the next Aspen. “It can’t be,” says Spencer. “Aspen is a small city [pop. 5,000]. We’re a town of 1,300 people with no place to expand because we’re surrounded on three sides by 13,000-ft. peaks.”


Maybe you’ve been wondering, as we have, about Farrah Fawcett and her significant other, Ryan O’Neal, and what became of their careers following the critical drubbing they took as bickering sportscasters on the short-lived CBS sitcom Good Sports? Neither has turned up in a project since the show’s demise last July.

In Fawcett’s case, her next job appears to be on the horizon. According to a spokesperson, Fawcett is about to close a deal to star as a public defender in a TV movie for ABC.

As for O’Neal, the actor has a deal with CBS for another series—an agreement that his rep says was made “subsequent to Good Sports.” Has an idea for a series been hammered out yet? No, says O’Neal’s rep, adding that his client, like many of his fellow actors, is simply “waiting for scripts.”

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