Mitchell Fink
March 16, 1992 12:00 PM


If Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Luke Perry were looking for a little peace and quiet, you’d figure the last place he’d go is a shopping mall filled with teenage girls.

But a mall is precisely where Perry has been hanging out lately. He’s been on location at the Fashion Square mall in Sherman Oaks, Calif., shooting Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a comedy-horror movie for 20th Century Fox about a high school cheerleader turned crusader against vampires. Kristy (Hot Shots) Swanson stars as Buffy, and Perry plays her boyfriend.

According to a source involved in the production, six extra security guards had to be put on “just to keep the girls in the mall away from Luke.”

Our source says Perry will look different in the film from the way he looks on 90210. The big makeover? A departure from his James Dean comb-back. “His hair is messier and shorter,” says the source.

Oh, yes. The source also says there’s no truth to the rumor, recently reported in the tabloids, that Perry and Swanson arc dating. “They’re costars,” says the source. “That’s all.”

In fact, we’re hearing that Perry is seeing someone else, pretty seriously.


Eenie, meenie, minie, moe. Which of the following two projects will Arnold Schwarzenegger choose as his next action-adventure movie? Will it be a remake of Alexandre Dumas’s classic tale The Count of Monte Cristo, now in development at Warner Bros., or will it be The Last Action Hero, now in development at Columbia, about a young boy in a movie theater who steps into the screen and becomes enmeshed in the life of his film hero?

Sources tell us Arnold is, per Hollywoodspeak, “attached” to both projects. (Translation: He’s committed, pending script approval.)


From our where-are-they-now dept.: Ryan O’Neal is hoping to come back to TV. CBS signed a development deal last year with him following the demise of Good Sports (the sitcom that co-starred his roommate, Farrah Fawcett). Now, sources say, the network plans to shoot a pilot for a new series called 1775, a half-hour sitcom starring O’Neal as a Philadelphia innkeeper in pre-Revolutionary limes. His character will have a wife and three daughters, though those parts have yet to be cast.


Danny DeVito must be relieved that the principal photography on Batman Returns has been completed. During the three-plus months of shooting his Penguin character, DeVito had to spend three hours each day in makeup.

What did he do for three hours every day? DeVito, a voracious film buff who never goes anywhere without his laser disc player and accompanying film library, says he watched a movie a day—backward, as reflected in the mirror in front of him—while a makeup man turned him into the Penguin.

“It worked for everything,” says DeVito, “except foreign films with subtitles.”

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