Mitchell Fink
October 28, 1991 12:00 PM


Like many stars, Alec Baldwin pulls down a hefty salary, but bucks, it seems, aren’t always enough. Witness the scenario concerning Paramount’s recent decision to replace him with Harrison Ford in Patriot Games, the studio’s follow-up to last year’s enormously successful Hunt for Red October, in which Baldwin played hero Jack Ryan. A source at the studio says the decision was prompted by Baldwin’s demand for “SI million in star perks,” including a state-of-the-art trailer, limos and a personal trainer—”over and above his $4 million salary.” The switch was made, says the source, “because it was felt that Harrison Ford and his $9 million salary was a better gamble than Baldwin at $5 million.”


The news accounts will say that Robert Wagner has been set to appear in three episodes of CBS’s Trials of Rosie O’Neill, starring Sharon Gless.

Some accounts will report that Wagner’s character is Rosie’s love interest. A few may even add that his fictional counterpart is a married man.

But what might have slipped through the cracks are the fears of the show’s publicist, Rachel McCallister, that the depiction of the Wagner-Gless relationship may remind viewers that Gless is married to the show’s producer, Barney Roscnzweig, and that their relationship reportedly began while he was producing Cagney & Lacey and was married to TV exec (and Cagney & Lacey cocreator) Barbara Corday.

McCallister says she is “always concerned about putting actors in a position of having to respond to story lines created for them by others. In this case, the story line [of the Wagner-Gless episodes] should be dealt with on its own merits.” Translation: Don’t read between the lines.


What do you do after you’ve split with a legend? Well, if you’re James Newton Howard, who composed the score to Barbra Streisand’s film The Prince of Tides and had a brief fling with Streisand (who was both director and leading lady), you go back to a former girlfriend and ask for her hand in marriage.

And that, sources say, is precisely what Howard did. And Sofie Barron, an illustrator in the art department at Los Angeles-based Geffen Records, said yes.


Romance or commerce? Folks in Evansville, Ind., were wondering after Madonna and Vanilla Ice were seen around town recently. It all started on Oct. 11, when Ice showed up at Madonna‘s rented house near Evansville, where she is shooting Penny Marshall’s League of Their Own. The tongue wagging intensified that night when the two, in the company of others, went to the movies. A flack in Ice’s camp declared that romantic sparks were flying, but Madonna‘s rep said Ice was merely in town to present Ms. M. with two awards from a British teenzine. ‘Asked whether Madonna might be hot for the Iceman, her rep retorted playfully, “In his dreams.”

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