Mitchell Fink
June 03, 1991 12:00 PM


Yes, there will be a Lethal Weapon 3, and Mel Gibson will star in it. According to his agent, Ed Limato, “The script is in, and Mel likes it.” Shooting is expected to begin in mid-August, with Danny Glover again playing Mel’s crime-fighting partner and with Richard Donner directing.

Beyond that, Limato reports that Warner Bros. has purchased two meaty projects for Gibson under his present deal with the studio: The Polk Conspiracy, based on Kati Marton’s book investigating the 1948 disappearance and subsequent murder of CBS correspondent George Polk (played by Mel) in Greece, and The Rest of Daniel, an original romantic fantasy by Jeffrey “J.J.” Abrams, the 25-year-old writer of the upcoming Harrison Ford movie Regarding Henry.


Whenever we hear about movie costars falling in love during a production, our cynical side automatically assumes that the studio is hyping a romance angle in order to fuel interest in the project.

Sources close to Disney, however, insist the romance is for real between Bill Campbell and Jennifer Connelly, the costars of The Rocketeer, an action adventure film scheduled to open June 21.

“They are insane about each other, and I expect them to get married soon,” one of our sources tells us. “They’re definitely in love, and it’s not for the sake of the movie.”

Connelly’s rep would only allow, “They’re very fond of each other.”

Romance also followed movie marriage for Spike Lee and Veronica Webb, who play a wedded couple in Jungle Fever, directed by Lee, which will open June 7. At a party for Fever in Cannes two weeks ago, Spike’s “eyes and arms were on and around Veronica’ all night, according to our spy. Asked about Webb’s relationship to the director, a publicist for Universal Pictures ventured that she was “maybe more than a friend.”


Call us sexist, but the image of Brazilian sex siren Sonia (The Rookie) Braga starring in a made-for-cable movie called The Last Prostitute Who Took Pride in Her Work is more than enough to make us want to tune in.

The script, by writer and executive producer Carmen (The Thorn Birds) Culver, is now in development at the Lifetime cable network. It is a coming-of-age story about two young boys and a former hooker.

Lifetime has tentatively scheduled a September airing for the film, and Culver says she suspects that the network, in its infinite wisdom, will change the title to The Last Prostitute, which is less evocative but indeed shorter.

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