Mitchell Fink
March 18, 1991 12:00 PM


Moviegoers attending The Doors may think they’re seeing Val Kilmer’s bare butt during his bedroom scene with Kathleen Quinlan, but that’s not Val’s behind up there on the big screen. It’s the derriere of a double, actor John Forristal.

When Kilmer elected not to join Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner and Dennis Quaid in that rarefied acting category known as Stars Who’ve Exposed Their Backsides. “Oliver [Stone, the director] asked me to do it,” says Forristal, 32. “and I said yes.”

If you want to see Forristal’s face, he can be glimpsed in the movie playing a bouncer in a scene outside the London Fog club.


A recent front-page story in Daily Variety suggests that Alan J. Pakula, director of Presumed Innocent, All the President’s Men and Klute, “walked off’ what was to have been his next film, Significant Other, starring Tom Hanks and De-bra Winger, over those proverbial preproduction “creative differences.”

We hear differently. We hear that Pakula was asked to leave the project after Hanks and Winger both made it clear to executives at Disney’s Touchstone Pictures that they didn’t want Pakula at the controls. Hanks, Winger and Pakula, through their reps, all deny this version.

Significant Other, an original love story about an alcoholic and her husband, was written first by Ron Bass and Al Franken and then rewritten by Pakula. Apparently, Hanks and Winger objected to his script. A source of ours who has read Pakula’s draft calls it “overwritten and pedantic.” The project is now on hold, awaiting a new director.


End of an era: Smokey Robinson, 51, who since 1960 has been with Motown Records as a recording artist, writer, producer and executive, has left to sign with SBK Records, which are distributed by Capitol. According to sources who are close to Robinson, the singer’s new SBK recording deal guarantees him $1 million per album for five albums.

“Motown couldn’t compete with that,” says one source. “But then Motown is not the company it once was. [Motown founder] Berry Gordy isn’t even there anymore. Had Berry still been at Motown, I don’t think Smokey ever would have left.”


Twentieth Century Fox is said to be very upset that photographs of a bald Sigourney Weaver, taken during filming of Alien[Sup]3, appeared recently in the Star magazine along with parts of the film’s story, line.

A source close to the studio says the leaks (including word that Weaver’s character, Ripley, kills herself after being impregnated by a male alien monster) “jeopardized” the studio’s still-to-be-developed marketing plan. The movie is due out this fall.

Was Weaver upset about the photos? Her rep. Richard Simms, says the actress is in London working on the film. “I don’t think she even knows about it,” he says. “And I’m certainly not going to tell her.”


When last we left Don Johnson and wife Melanie Griffith, it was late in January and the high-wattage couple was beginning a 10-day vacation amid rumors that their 1½-year marriage might be in trouble (PEOPLE, Feb. 18).

Johnson picks up the story from there: “We had a very romantic 10 days together in the Bahamas, then we were back and forth for a few days between Los Angeles and our ranch in Aspen,” he tells us.

Johnson says they next attended a Feb. 20 state dinner at the White House given by the President and Barbara Bush in honor of Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II. Then the Johnsons spent two days in South Carolina scouting locations for Paradise, a romantic movie in which they’ll be costarring for Disney.

In an effort to scotch those breakup rumors once and for all, Johnson insists his relationship with Griffith is “wonderful and never been better.”

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