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Time to draw the curtain on 44-year-old director David Lynch’s romance with his leading lady, actress Isabella Rossellini. According to sources, the relationship, which saw Rossellini, 38, co-star in two Lynch films, Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart, is over. ‘They kept it together for five years, which is a long time,” says one source, “considering she lives in New York and he lives in Los Angeles.”


Kevin Costner’s directorial debut in Dances with Wolves has been hailed by most critics. It appears no such fate awaits Dan Aykroyd, 38, whose directorial debut, Valkenvania, originally slated by Warner Bros, for a Christmas Day release, has been pushed back to February.

In fact, one of our keenest industry sources says the comedy thriller, which stars Aykroyd, Chevy Chase and Demi Moore, is “so bad it’s unreleaseable.” Naturally, a Warner Bros, spokeswoman disputes this, calls the film “fabulous,” and says the release date was changed “because it would have been stupid” to go up against those other big Xmas releases, Godfather Part III and Look Who’s Talking Too.

When Valkenvania does come out, the rep says, “it will probably have a different title.”


The formal invitation to English rocker Rod Stewart’s wedding to model Rachel Hunter this Saturday (Dec. 15) asks guests to come to witness the marriage vows at a church in Beverly Hills, followed immediately afterward by a “Reception and Piss-up” at the swank Four Seasons Hotel.

A piss-up?

For those in the dark, that’s Brit-speak for a rollicking good time, one that generally includes quaffing a few.


This just in: Nick Apollo Forte, the singing star of Woody Allen’s 1984 movie, Broadway Danny Rose, has turned up in Seymour. Conn., where he is working as an extra in Other People’s Money, starring Danny DeVito.

Forte, 52, who spends his weekends playing piano and singing at an Italian-American restaurant in Somerset, Mass., says he took the 10-day job in Other People’s Money not so much because he dreams of a ticket back to Hollywood but because “it’s an honor and a privilege to be working in any capacity with Danny DeVito.”


Whenever Warren Beatty, 52, is starring in a movie, production on the project is inevitably accompanied by stories that he has become involved with a female co-star. Witness Dick Tracy and Beatty’s very public relationship with co-star Madonna, 32.

That movie is long over, and so is Beatty’s yearlong fling with the Material Girl. So, who’s next? Well, we cannot predict Beatty’s romantic future, but we do know that his next leading lady, onscreen at least, is Annette Bening. (Bening has a starring role in The Grifters, due nationwide in January, and had a showy scene—remember “endolphins”?—in Postcards from the Edge.)

Although Tri-Star Pictures has not announced it yet. Bening’s agent confirms that she will begin shooting in January with Beatty on Bugsy, director Barry (Avalon) Levinson’s film about Bugsy Siegel, the gangland leader who is credited with inventing Las Vegas. Beatty will portray Bugsy, while Bening will play his girlfriend.

Oh, yes, Bening is single in real life.