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There’s a story going around New York City that Diane Sawyer, 44, is miserable at ABC, and that the former queen of CBS’s 60 Minutes feels her career has been seriously damaged by ABC’s low-rated magazine show, Prime Time Live, which she anchors with Sam Donaldson, 55.

There’s also a second story going around New York suggesting that the source of the first story is Sawyer’s agent, Richard Liebner, the super-agent who also represents Maria Shriver, Dan Rather and Mary Alice Williams. The theory is that Liebner spread the word of Sawyer’s supposed dissatisfaction as a way of either repositioning her at ABC or setting her up for a possible return to CBS.

Liebner branded the initial story and any participation by him in it as “unadulterated garbage.” He says, “It’s fiction, baloney, baseless hooey. Diane is very happy at ABC.”

Of both stories, Sawyer says, “Preposterous.”


Newlyweds Roseanne Barr, 37, and Tom Arnold, 30, talked about booking time with famed San Francisco tattooist Lyle Turtle during Barr’s gig last weekend at the Circle Star Center in nearby San Carlos.

Are they getting ready to moon us again, as Barr and Arnold did when they revealed their tattoos during ABC’s World Series telecast? Publicist Alana Rothstein promises they’ll be a little more low-key this time. “The new tattoos,” she says, “will not be in any weird place.” No word yet on where the ink will go or what it will depict.


Also in San Francisco, the offspring of three famous fathers have just finished a time-travel comedy called The Spirit of ’76. The film was made at Black Diamond Productions, headed by Roman Coppola, 24, the son of Francis Ford Coppola. It’s the first feature to be directed by Lucas Reiner, 29, the son of Carl Reiner, and was produced by Susan Landau, 29, the daughter of actor Martin Landau.

Now that the movie has wrapped, Black Diamond is seeking financing for post-production, and the word from Los Angeles is that one of the companies looking at Spirit is Castle Rock, which is partly owned by Lucas’s big brother, Rob, 42. Spirit stars former teen throbs David Cassidy and Leif Garrett. Rob has a cameo in the film, as does his and Lucas’s pop, Carl, 67, who’ll next direct Sibling Rivalry, to be produced by—surprise!—Rob’s Castle Rock. Meanwhile, the boys’ mom, singer Estelle Reiner, who delivered the funniest line in Rob’s movie When Harry Met Sally—”I’ll have what she’s having,” she said after Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm—recently added a song called “I’ll Have What She’s Having” to her nightclub act. The song was written for Estelle by Los Angeles Times jazz critic Leonard Feather.


The recent news that actor Kiefer Sutherland, 22, and his wife of three years, Camelia Kath, 36, have filed for divorce means Sutherland can now continue doing what he was doing prior to the announcement: romancing actress Julia Roberts, 22. Sutherland and Kath have one child, Sarah, 2….

Orion has signed two of this year’s Oscar nominees, Michelle (The Fabulous Baker Boys) Pfeiffer, 32, and Denzel (Glory) Washington, 35, as co-stars in Love Field, an interracial love story set in 1963. Who’s the bigger star? Michelle is said to be getting $2.5 million to Washington’s $1.2 million.