Mitchell Fink
June 11, 1990 12:00 PM


Recent photos of John F. Kennedy Jr. poolside at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles suggest a young man studying hard for another stab at the New York Slate bar exam this July. You’ll recall he failed to pass the test his first two tries.

But pictures can be deceiving—it was not all work and no play for JFK Jr., 29, out in L.A. For example, during one study break he was seen frolicking in the pool with Pretty Woman’s Julia Roberts, 22, and then having drinks with her at a table nearby.

Their little get-together did not please actor Kiefer Sutherland, 23, who recently split with actress Camelia Kath, 36, after a 3-year marriage, to become Roberts’s boyfriend. Hotel sources say Kiefer was in an upstairs room, furious that Roberts was downstairs with Kennedy. He called pool attendants repeatedly to find out whether Roberts was still with JFK Jr. at the pool, but he never asked to speak with her directly.

When Roberts returned to the room and told Sutherland she had a lunch date with Kennedy the following day, Kiefer threatened to make his own date with Sherilyn (Twin Peaks) Fenn. Roberts, according to one source, told him to “go ahead.” Asked about all this, spokespersons for both Roberts and Sutherland strongly deny the story.

And what about actress Daryl Hannah, 28, who’s been linked with Kennedy in the past? Well, according to this same source, she tried a number of times to reach JFK Jr. by phone at the hotel. But since operators were under instructions to hold Kennedy’s calls, all Hannah could do was leave messages.


Misery loves company, especially when Joan Collins is involved. Those producers at Ion Pictures who said Collins’s “greed and outrageous behavior” prompted them to abandon a movie project based on her 1988 novel, Prime Time (PEOPLE, May 28), are apparently not alone in their feelings.

A British producer says he dropped Collins, 57, as the co-host of a forthcoming TV series because her “prima donna attitude” during pre-production in Paris last November “cost us a fortune.” Chris Raphael, coordinating producer of Follow Your Stars, a series of 13 half hours on astrology, says, “Nothing was good enough for her. She complained about scripts and had one set of writers fired. We had a deal to stay at the Hôtel Crillon. She demanded the Ritz. We had a deal with [Italian designer] Valentino to do the wardrobe. She wanted someone else. Without permission, she ran up a £45,000 bill [$76,600] for clothes, cab fares and lunches. And she spent £5,000 pounds [$8,500] on wigs.” Raphael estimates Joan cost the show more than $250,000 in all.

Collins’s agent, Irving “Swifty” Lazar, says everything she spent was authorized. “Her behavior was impeccable,” he says.

Ultimately Collins was replaced by Stefanie Powers, who ironically now shares co-hosting duties on Follow Your Stars with one of Collins’s longtime friends, man-about-tan George Hamilton. Raphael says the series will begin airing worldwide in syndication in 1991.


Days of Thunder, Tom Cruise‘s new stock-car racing movie that opens June 27, was screened for an audience of “civilians” (Hollywood-speak for nonindustry folks) at the Paramount lot late last month. Independent industry sources, who have nothing to gain from hyping the movie, tell us that reaction at the screening was “through the roof.” This ought to please Paramount execs, since the movie was troubled by production delays and an escalating budget that reportedly reached $55 million.

Of course, you can’t please all the people all the time. These same sources also tell us that Cruise wasn’t happy with the temporary sound track, but that shouldn’t be a problem since by the time Thunder is released, it’ll feature a Hans (Rain Man) Zimmer score and several additional pop songs.

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