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Word has filtered back to the mainland from Tetiaroa, the island Marlon Brando owns in the South Pacific, that the rotund actor is overseeing the construction there of a pyramid, the interior of which is expected to serve as his final resting place. Sources say the pyramid will be large enough to house whatever artifacts Brando, 66, feels compelled to take on what promises to be a journey of interminable length.

By the way, these apparent plans are all for the future. At the moment, Brando is believed to be in good health. His newest movie, The Freshman, with Matthew Broderick, opens Aug. 17.


Eddie Murphy will be watching the box office grosses of his next film, Another 48 Hrs., with an especially keen eye.

Murphy, 29, has to make two more films under his current contract with Paramount, a deal that reportedly guarantees him $9 million upfront per picture against 15 percent of the gross. That’s a lot of money, especially when you consider that his last film, 1989’s Harlem Nights, took in only $61 million at the nation’s box offices, whereas 1987’s Beverly Hills Cop II rang up $154 million and 1988’s Coming to America saw $128 million.

Regarding a possible move from Paramount to another studio, Murphy’s manager, Robert Wachs, insists, “We don’t think that far in advance.” But the rest of Hollywood does, and the impact that Another 48 Hrs., a sequel to 1982’s 48 Hrs., will have upon Murphy’s next deal is the subject of much gossip. The movie opens June 8.

Additional grist for the Hollywood rumor mill was provided by sightings of Murphy dining a few times in recent months with Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg, who was at Paramount in 1982 when the studio signed its first deal with Murphy. “Read nothing into that,” says Wachs. “The friendship between Eddie and Jeff goes beyond business.”


Time heals all wounds, and in Hollywood, time often runs on fast-forward. Last year, an embarrassed Ed McMahon, 67, filed for divorce from his wife of 13 years, Victoria, 44, amid reports that she’d taken up with a Beverly Hills cop.

This June, Ed expects to make a bride of fiancée Joanna Ford, 48, the maître d’ at L.A.’s recently reopened Ma Maison restaurant. “We’ll get married the minute we can,” says Ed. “I’m hoping June, but it may take longer.” He means for his divorce to become official. In the meantime, Victoria is now dating Seth Baker, 58, a Beverly Hills publisher.


What do you give the kid who has everything? How about two newborn siblings—not twins—both due this month.

Welcome to the unique world of Max Spielberg, the 4-year-old son of director Steven Spielberg, 42, and actress Amy Irving, 36. They, of course, are now divorced, but each is expecting a second child, Spielberg with actress Kate Capshaw, 36, and Irving with Brazilian director Bruno Barreto, 35.

If that’s not enough for little Max, Daddy has been inquiring about the possibility of hiring the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (at a daily rental of $2,800 per turtle costume) for Max’s 5th-birthday party, in June. It’s nice to be rich, isn’t it?