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The Incredible Shrinking Man

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Pete Thomas’s “Aha!” moment on the NBC weight-loss competition The Biggest Loser came when he learned how many calories were in the cheese fries (2,200) at his favorite restaurant. And that large buttered-popcorn chaser he used to share with his wife, Pam? “Fifteen hundred calories,” says the Ypsilanti, Mich., real estate investor. “Between those two items we’ve got 3,700 calories, and we haven’t included breakfast, lunch or dinner. We’d eat this way on a regular basis.” (An average man should consume around 2,000 calories daily.) When he shared his number crunching with Pam, she said, “No wonder we were fat.”

No longer. Although he is the most recent Loser to get the boot, the 6’5″ Thomas, 37, has lost a total of 140 lbs. Thanks to steady monitoring of “calories in vs. calories out” and 90 minutes of daily running, “we feel like we’ve renewed our [wedding] vows—everything is new,” says Pam, who has lost 50 lbs. herself. In planning vacations, “we used to go places that were food focused, and now they’re activity-focused,” says Pete, who uses a heart-rate monitor to measure calories burned during exercise. “We want to do the Las Vegas marathon next year. And maybe someday I’ll do an ultramarathon [50 miles]. Those are the types of things I’m thinking about now.”