People Staff
May 29, 2006 12:00 PM

AGE: 20

HOMETOWN: Laguna Beach, Calif.

HOW YOU KNOW HER: Known as “LC,” she was alpha-girl Kristin Cavallari’s rival on MTV’s Laguna Beach.

GROWING UP: After wrapping the second season of Laguna Beach, Conrad enrolled in L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, moved into a West Hollywood apartment, scored an internship at Teen Vogue—and documented it all for her upcoming reality show The Hills (premiering May 31 on MTV). “On Laguna the girls would fight with their boyfriends,” says Conrad. “Now we fight with our bosses. The drama on this show is real problems, like, [am I] going to get fired.” That, and learning to live on her own. “I’m not very good at paying bills,” she admits. “I always, like, forget, and then they just keep adding up.”

LOVE ACTUALLY: Though Conrad broke up with Jason Wahler, 20, last August, she’s back with him and “we’re pretty serious now,” she says. “He recently moved into my apartment. We used to go out a lot, but we don’t really anymore. We’re homebodies—we watch movies on the couch.”

PUBLIC ENEMY: “Kristin and I have been to the same events, but we don’t necessarily say hi,” says Conrad. “She’s getting what she wanted: attention. I don’t want to be in [magazines] every week, going to clubs. I just want to be in the fashion industry and I want to find a job that I really like.”

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