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The Dancing Defensive End

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Age: 33

The Dancing Defensive End

If he hasn’t already taken enough ribbing from his Miami Dolphins teammates about his elegant moves on Dancing with the Stars, more is on the way. “This article will be plastered in the locker room,” predicts the 6’6″ Taylor. To make it easier for the less-refined Dolphins, we provide a list of talking points:

1. He gets manicures and pedicures. “I admit it. I take care of myself, and I enjoy it.”

2. “I get facials. When you’re sweating, the pores on your nose get dirty.”

3. He bleaches his teeth, shaves his chest, uses moisturizers that “my wife [Katina] gives me,” and often takes longer to get dressed.

4. Dancing with the Stars—for which he powders his head to keep it from shining—has got him in his best off-season shape. “I’ve leaned and trimmed up.”

5. In high school “I was 6’3″ and weighed 170 lbs. I was like a No. 2 pencil! I was last to be picked to play.”

With that, let the locker-room mockery begin.

“In the guy world, it’s a sign of respect. I’d be more worried if they didn’t tease me.”