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The Dad Quiz: Hugh Jackman: How I Raise My Kids

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Before my kids fall asleep, I have to …

Read to them. And sit outside their room. There was a period when I slept outside on a mattress because my son was terrified of the dark. He’s a sensitive soul. Meanwhile, my daughter seriously could be brought up by Stalin and come out okay.

I can make my kids laugh by …

Being “Bucky,” a character I play where I show my teeth and chase them around in this kind of Frankenstein-esque way. They just go mental!

The best cure for a sick child is …

Chicken soup. And Band-Aids. My kids fully believe a Band-Aid will cure anything. My daughter likes Dora the Explorer Band-Aids, and my son has ones with skulls and crossbones on them. So when that first girlfriend or boyfriend dumps them, I’m going to say, “Here, let me put a Band-Aid on.”

The best time of day with my kids is …

Sunday mornings. We cook pancakes together.

My solution to squabbles is …

I’m really honest with them. I say, “Guys, I’m close to losing it here, and I don’t want to because I love you both …” Sometimes if my son is really mad at me, I say, “I’ve never been a dad before. I know I’m making mistakes.”

The last time I embarrassed my kids was …

On Oprah, when I crashed [into the Sydney Opera House on a zipline]. My son turned to my wife and said, “Why can’t we be a normal family?”