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January 06, 1986 12:00 PM

•In the 10 years since 1975, 49 Americans have been charged with spying, mostly for the Soviets. In the 10 years before 1975, none was.

Madonna has about 50 crucifixes; Mother Teresa two.

•The most violent TV show, ABC’s Lady Blue, has 50 acts of violence per hour. On U.S. streets there are 150 per hour.

•Luciano Pavarotti was killed on stage only 13 times in 1985, the lowest mortality rate of his career.

•The most common injuries in bed are from bedsprings and frames: In 1984, 31,718 Americans had accidents involving them. Bunk beds ranked second with 28,431 injuries; mattresses third with 3,707; convertible beds fourth with 3,578; water beds and water pillows fifth with 3,531. But the biggest such category is “Beds, Not Specified”: 184,139 Americans got hurt that way, whatever it is.

•From 1946 to 1964, baby boomers consumed 36 billion jars of strained or chunked baby food, or 5.1 million tons in all.

•In 1940 there were 3,679 Americans over the age of 100. This year there are about 37,000.

•Russia has the largest optical telescope in the world—236.2 inches in diameter. Galileo’s measured 1¾ inches in width.

•At his peak, Jack Benny had some 30 million listeners a week. Today’s leading radio humorist, Garrison Keillor, has only a little more than two million.

•Hungarians are more likely to die of heart disease than anybody—they have 685.2 deaths per 100,000 population. The U.S. ranks 11th with 436.4 such deaths. Thailand has the lowest rate: 25.3.

•When Bruce Springsteen buys a bandanna, it costs about $1.30. If it finds its way into the marketplace after he’s worn it, it’s worth $300.

•Houseplants, including poinsettias, are the most common poisonous substance in the home, nosing out cosmetics—but only if you eat them.

•The place where more hotdogs are consumed than any other in the world is a) Coney Island, b) Disney World, c)Chicago-O’Hare Airport, d) Yankee Stadium. Answer: c.

•In 1956, when there were 42.8 million TV sets, Americans borrowed 489.5 million books from public libraries. In 1985 there were 205 million TV sets and 1.2 billion books were borrowed.

•52 percent of U.S. women would rather have a good job than a good husband. Only 26 percent say they enjoy sex more than money.

•In 1985, 5,500 mailmen were bitten by dogs, or about 18 mailmen daily.

•For Christmas 1984—the last for which figures exist—Santa Claus had to come down 1.6 million new chimneys.

•$1 million in hundreds weighs 20 pounds. If a robber tried to steal $1 billion in hundreds, he would have to carry 10 tons.

•Charles Lindbergh spent $13,500 on the first solo flight across the Atlantic. A six-day trip around the world on the space shuttle costs about $125 million.

•George Washington’s presidential campaign cost nothing. Franklin Roosevelt’s most expensive one (1936) cost $5.2 million. The budget of Ronald Reagan’s last one: $40.4 million.

•In 1940, 38 percent of Americans graduated from high school. Today, 86 percent do.

•Mikhail Baryshnikov leaped about half a mile a day, or in all of 1985 about 182½ miles.

•The birthrate for women with four years of college is about twice that for women with five or more years of higher education.

•In 1975 Americans ate 118.8 pounds of beef per person. In 1985 they ate 65.7 pounds each.

•If you flip a coin 500 times, the odds of it coming up heads 250 times and tails 250 times are 1 in 28.

•Fifty years ago, there were 6,812,350 farms in the U.S. Today there are 2,125,056.

•At last count there were, relatively, only a few more people than cows in Texas: 16 million people vs. 14.1 million cows.

•71 percent of American motorists pump their own gas. The state with the highest percentage of pumpers, 88, is Utah. Chilly Maine has the lowest, 33 percent.

•The 445 dancers who have been in A Chorus Line, which is in its 11th year, have worn out 6,485 pairs of shoes.

•In 1984 Americans bought 50 million girdles. Twenty years earlier, they bought 86 million.

•Every day, 6 percent of the U.S. population eats at McDonald’s.

•Since he began doing The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson has told an estimated 638,645 jokes.

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