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The Big Dance

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1. What’s black and white and heard all over? This country crooner, of course.

2. She’s got male, all right. This prom queen would later be wild about Harry.

3. If you look closely, you’ll recognize this boy-band singer, ‘N tux or out.

4. A nuptial test run? No, but he did star in Married to the Mob.

5. This clean-cut guy would go on to define Miami cool.

6. This future heartthrob needed a change of tux, stat!

7. Dad partied as an Easy Rider, but his little girl looks pooped.

8. Despite the caterpillar above his lip, this prom king learned to fly on the racetrack.

9. This So-Called star hasn’t changed much since her prom. Hey, it’s only been six years.

10. Bowl cut or not, this Twin Peaks actor is still a cutie.

11. Let’s hope his size-13 feet moved as well on the dance floor as on the b-ball court.

12. This ex-daytime disher took time away from girl talk to enjoy her prom.

13. “C’mon, C’mon,” you can guess this Grammy-winning songstress.


1. Shania Twain

2. Meg Ryan

3. Lance Bass

4. Mathew Modine

5. Don Johnson

6. George Clooney
7. Bridget Fonda

8. Jeff Gordon

9. Claire Danes
10. Kyle MacLachlan

11. Shaquille O’Neal

12. Lisa Ling

13. Sheryl Crow