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The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

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The 36-year-old singer Prince formerly known as Prince, gives androgyny a bad name. Indeed, E! channel gossip reporter Florence Anthony dubs Prince a cross between Liberace and Little Richard, “and even Little Richard,” she says, “doesn’t wear all that lace anymore.” Purple no longer reigns in Prince’s wardrobe. But the jumpsuits and cropped tops that Prince pours over his tiny torso (in honor, perhaps, of his ultra-raunchy new album, Come) make you long for the days when he wore ruffles and brocade jackets—at least they covered his chest! With his signature Prince pendant, elevated shoes and walking sticks, Prince has more props than an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. His new name is unpronounceable. That’s all right. No one will be calling him to the podium to collect any fashion awards.