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Test Your iCarly I.Q.

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1. Who is Lewbert on iCarly?

A. The nasty doorman

B. The sympathetic school principal

C. The strict history teacher

D. The nutty older brother

2 Which of the following is a prank the girls have played on Lewbert during their show’s “Messin’ with Lewbert” segment?

A. Dyed his clothes pink and switched his shoes for ones three sizes too small

B. Pelted him with balloons filled with hot sauce

C. Tattooed “I love iCarly” on his forehead

D. Fooled him with a fake soda machine

3. What is the name of the building that Carly and Spencer live in?

A. Bushgate Plaza

B. Bushwick Plaza

C. Bushwell Plaza

D. The Bushington Plaza

4 What is the name of the school the characters attend?

A. Ridgeway

B. Rockwell

C. Franklin

D. Fremont

5. Why does Carly get a B on the school report she worked so hard on?

A. She got an orange-juice stain all over it

B. The report was three-hole punched

C. She accidentally turned in Sam’s report instead of hers

D. Spencer had drawn illustrations for the report in the margins

6 Who loves to torment classmate Gibby, once getting him to participate in a dog-food fight?

A. Sam Puckett

B. Spencer Shay

C. Carly Shay

D. Freddie Benson

7. What city do the characters of iCarly live in?

A. Portland

B. Chicago

C. Denver

D. Seattle

8. What is Freddie’s real name?

A. Fredward

B. Fredenstein

C. Fredfurt

D. Fredicus

9 Which of the following is not one of Carly’s pet peeves?

A. Spencer’s toe hair. It’s so long she swears you can braid it.


C. The phrase “You go, girl!”—it’s so elementary school.

D. Whistling. The sound is annoying—especially when it’s off-pitch.

10. How many fat cakes did Sam correctly guess were in the giant tube in order to win Locker #239?

A. 715

B. 35

C. 2,718

D. 127

ANSWERS: 1, A, The nasty doorman; 2, D, Fooled him with a fake soda machine; 3, C, Bushwell Plaza; 4, A, Ridgeway; 5, B, The report was three-hole punched; 6, A, Sam; 7, D, Seattle; 8, A, Fredward; 9, D, Whistling; 10, C, 2,718