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Test Your Hannah I.q.

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1. Which of the following does Miley like to eat right out of the bottle?

A. Mustard

B. Ketchup

C. Hot Sauce

D. Soy Sauce

2. True or False: Miley originally tried out for the role of best friend Lilly.



3. Which actor made an appearance in The Miley and Mandy Show’s “4 Minutes” YouTube video?

A. Shia LaBeouf
B. Zac Efron

C. Channing Tatum

D. Corbin Bleu

4. Hannah Montana first aired on which date?

A. January 1, 2006

B. March 24, 2006

C. October 15, 2005

D. August 9, 2006

5. True or False: Originally, Miley’s brother Jackson was supposed to speak through a hand puppet.



6. What alternate name was considered for Hannah Montana?

A. Alexis Texas

B. Shania Pennsylvania

C. Hannah Savannah

D. Mona Arizona

7. Miley’s TV boyfriend Jake Ryan was named after the heartthrob from which movie?

A. Pretty in Pink

B. The Breakfast Club

C. Sixteen Candles

D. Betsy’s Wedding

8. When Miley auditioned for Hannah Montana, she sang an original song she wrote with her friends. What was it about?

A. Moving out to L.A.

B. Going to the beach

C. Hanging out at the movies

D. Playing on the farm

9. How many Swarovski crystals were used on Miley’s blinged-out mic stand on her tour?

A. 8,577

B. 7,587

C. 7,875

D. 5,778

10. Moises Arias first guest-starred on what Disney Channel show?

A. Wizards of Waverly Place

B. Cory in the House

C. That’s So Raven

D. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody


1. B. Ketchup; 2. True; 3. C. Channing Tatum; 4. B. March 24, 2006; 5. True; 6. C. Hannah Savannah; 7. C. Sixteen Candles; 8. B. Going to the beach; 9. B. 7,587; 10. D. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody