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Tee for Two

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If you think a T-shirt is just a boxy, unflattering cotton top, suck in your tummy and think again. “We wanted to revolutionize the T-shirt,” proclaims Pamela Skaist-Levy, 37. Has she ever—by pioneering the hot-selling Juicy line of tees with partner Gela Nash-Taylor, 40. To create their curve-hugging tops ($30 to $60), “we took a Hanes T-shirt and cut it to fit in a clean, sexy way,” explains Skaist-Levy. Devotees include Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawford. “The cuts are amazing,” raves actress Bijou Phillips. “They’re adult but sexy, which is hard to find.”

Pals Nash-Taylor, a former actress, and longtime designer Skaist-Levy have been at it since 1988, when they started a successful line of hip maternity jeans. (Nash-Taylor and her husband, Duran Duran’s John Taylor, have three kids; Skaist-Levy and director husband Jefery Levy have one.) In 1994 they launched Juicy, so called because “you just want to eat” the luscious colors, says Skaist-Levy. They expect their San Fernando Valley company, which also makes pants, skirts and jackets, to gross $30 million this year.

When not working or hitting stores (“She’ll go shopping, I’ll go shopping, but we’ll always come back with the same thing,” says Skaist-Levy), the duo kick back at their Hollywood Hills homes and dream up the next trend. “We want to do bags, shoes, belts, everything!” says Skaist-Levy. Meanwhile, they marvel at their success: One day Nash-Taylor spotted Juicy tees on no fewer than five women on the street. “They were all different ages,” she reports gleefully. “It felt great!”