Jason Lynch
April 03, 2006 12:00 PM

Tom Cruise wasn’t supposed to hit the big screen again until Mission: Impossible III opens in May. But the actor jumped the gun March 16, when he took in a World Baseball Classic game with kids Connor and Isabella and pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes. As cameras scanned the stands, Cruise found himself pictured on the giant video screen at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium.

As always, he was ready for his closeup. “He jumped up and very melodramatically gave Katie a big kiss,” says an onlooker. “He was hamming it up. The crowd cheered.”

Ten months after his feet first left the ground, and infamously landed on Oprah‘s couch, the actor, 43, still is anything but shy about his love for Holmes, 27. In her final weeks of pregnancy (“Everything is fine,” says a Holmes relative), she and Cruise have pushed aside outside distractions—from premieres (Holmes skipped the March 16 L.A. red carpet for her film Thank You for Smoking) to controversy over whether Cruise pressured Comedy Central to pull an episode of South Park (see box)—to bond with his kids before their brood expands.

Two days after their stadium outing, the couple cheered on Isabella, 13, whose early basket helped her basketball team win a championship game held at a local high school. Afterward they watched Connor, 11, play baseball at a nearby park. Cruise and Holmes “were holding hands after the game,” says an onlooker. “They were really sweet.”

With Holmes’s due date fast approaching, her Ohio relatives are “very excited,” says one, “but we wish we were right there with her.” They needn’t worry, says Cruise’s Jerry Maguire costar Cuba Gooding Jr.: “I know how he is as a father. Oh boy, is that baby going to be spoiled!”

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