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Taylor and Burton Leave Poor Henry Wynberg Holding the Bags

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I am shattered,” sighed onetime California used-car dealer Henry Wynberg, the man most recently sent packing by Elizabeth Taylor. “But relationships continually alter. They are on and then off again.” While Liz and her on-the-wagon former husband Richard Burton enjoyed their first few days of blissful reconciliation in Geneva, Taylor’s utility consort for the past two years arrived back at London’s Heathrow Airport. He carried only memories—plus a mountain of the actress’ luggage mistakenly taken along during his hasty departure.

On arrival, 41-year-old Wynberg refused to leave the plane when he spotted a horde of reporters and photographers waiting on the tarmac. Eventually, a chauffeur-driven Mercedes pulled up and whisked the Gucci-clad and safari-jacketed Henry away—excess baggage and all.

Not that Liz is without feelings. While in London, Wynberg still stays at Taylor’s quaint three-story terrace house in Chelsea. (Her daughter Liza Todd lives in the basement.) “I still love her,” Henry concedes, “but I do not want to discuss the affair. I have no plans, no plans at all. I haven’t spoken to Liz since I heard it was all off.”

All off for now, perhaps. But Henry has become something of an expert at fielding Liz on the rebound. When the Burtons got back together in 1973 during one of her periodic illnesses, Wynberg obligingly moved out of Taylor’s hospital room and patiently waited until Richard disappeared again.

This time, however, Wynberg is hedging his bets. Just in case this reconciliation is for real, he is negotiating with a U.S. publisher for the rights to his version of Life with Liz.