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June 29, 2009 12:00 PM


Rock of Love star

“When I was dating Kristi, the mother of my two daughters [Raine, now 9 and Jorja, now 4], I flew her on a private plane into L. A., where we were doing our album. I cleared everyone out of the studio, which I had all lit up nice. I had this big Italian dinner brought in, and I got to play her some of the new music. I think that was the turning point in our relationship, where she knew I really cared. It was beautiful and real.”

*As plans were being made for this photo shoot, Michaels suffered a fractured nose during his June 7 performance at the Tony Awards, so we built the injury into his soldier persona. “I feel pretty beat up,” he said when he turned up on our set June 15. But Michaels, who kicks off a summer tour with Poison this month, says, “There’s no lawsuit. I was honored to be there.”


Reality TV star

“For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take my girlfriend on a helicopter ride down into the Grand Canyon for lunch. But there was a crazy storm. It was an incredible gesture that fell through.”

“I remember writing a poem and putting a rose on my high school girlfriend’s car. This was after we had graduated, and I couldn’t actually tell her that I thought we could still date, so I wrote her a note, drove to her college campus and put it on her car. It didn’t work, actually!”

—WILL DEMPS, 29, NFL star

My first boyfriend really loved Ibiza—he had studied abroad there, and I just happened to be in Spain. So for his birthday, I sent him a ticket to meet me in Ibiza. It was awesome. It was so fun. I’m a sucker for all that. I’m a hopeless romantic. I love surprising people. I love just flying and showing up on the doorstep when they think I’m gone and setting up flowers and a nice dinner.”

—LANCE BASS, 30, Former ‘N Sync band member

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