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Take One

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In her retirement from First Ladyhood, Nancy (JUST SAY NO) Reagan has attained more than one personal summit. Recently she received a letter and a Soviet book on drug abuse (The Place of the Skull) from Raisa Gorbachev. The chill in their relationship, which seemed as icy as the Siberian permafrost, has been forgotten—at least by Mrs. Gorbachev, whose letter to Nancy began, “I keep in my heart the warmth of our previous contacts and meetings.” It appears détente has been successful on the domestic front as well. According to Reagan’s son Michael, the former President and his wife are on their way to reconciling with their estranged daughter, Patti. “I know they’re talking now,” Michael says. The question is, for how long? Due out this fall is Deadfall, Patti’s second novel. It’s a potboiler about a right-wing administration—led by a weak-willed President—that’s intent on invading Nicaragua.


It’s not exactly the look of love that Angie Dickinson has in her eyes when discussing ex-hubby Burt Bacharach, whom she divorced in 1980 after 15 years of marriage. On an upcoming episode of Dinah Shore’s new syndicated talk show, A Conversation with Dinah, the peppery Angie gives Burt—who’s now married to songwriter Carole Bayer Sager—both barrels. Recalls Angie: “He called me for a divorce on the phone….He said, ‘This will only take a minute….’ ” Later, looking into the camera, she coos the following message to her ex: “You son of a bitch.” Burt, who notes they had been separated for three years before the divorce, says, “I don’t remember having this conversation. The first time I asked for a divorce was at dinner.”


Although Merv Griffin and Donald Trump traded potshots on who bested whom when Griffin bought Resorts International last year, the two titans will join a panel of celebrities in judging this year’s Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City on Sept. 16. Forget the media hype, says Trump. He and Merv get along just fine, thank you. “Merv’s a nice guy,” says Donald. “I love dealing with Merv. I think he’ll be a wonderful judge.” Generosity of spirit comes easy to Trump these days: Resorts International has proved a fiscal minefield for Merv. As one spokesman put it, the boss is concerned about “a shortfall between cash needs and cash flow.” Still, Merv is full of the bull himself. “Trump will be a great judge. He knows a good ‘structure’ when he sees one.”