Pamela Lansden
June 12, 1989 12:00 PM


When screenwriter David Koepp, 25, first heard on the news that Rob Lowe had been accused in a lawsuit of making a pornographic videotape, he said it struck him as “ironic, coincidental and it did ring a bell.” Koepp, whose first film, Apartment Zero, opens this fall, had written a similar scene two years ago for a movie called Bad Influence. That’s the Trans World Entertainment thriller that Lowe starts shooting in two weeks with co-star James Spader, who just won best actor at the Cannes Film Festival for sex, lies and videotape. In Bad Influence, Lowe plays a psychopath who secretly videotapes Spader’s character getting sexual with a woman. “When this thing supposedly happened with Rob, he had not read my script, so it is sheer coincidence,” says Koepp, adding no changes are planned. Producer Steve (Risky Business) Tisch says, “We plan to keep the title. We think it’s great.”


When Chimps of Super Stars Anonymous forms—and it will—Bubbles will have a lot to share with the group. Despite all those smiling portraits with the Gloved One, Bubbles, only 5, has been bounced back and forth all these years between boarding with his trainer and owner Michael Jackson’s San Fernando Valley home. “Just think of us as a divorced family,” says animal trainer Bob Dunne, below. “Bubbles lives with me most of the time and stays with Michael seldom.” Jackson plans to make a home for Bubbles after he builds a special place for him on his 2,700-acre Santa Barbara ranch, but it’ll be a long commute, since Bubbles also works as a Hollywood actor. His next gig? Jackson’s video, Liberian Girl.


At a recent test screening of Casualties of War, directed by Brian DePalma and starring Sean Penn and Michael J. Fox, right, the audience’s written responses could not have heartened slumping Columbia Pictures. The audience said there was no sympathetic character and the ending was too sad. No wonder. The Vietnam film, opening Aug. 18, has soldiers committing an atrocity and one of them turning in the others. Columbia says only that this was a research screening and a routine step in moviemaking. Bear in mind, though, that after its $30 million Ghostbusters II (due June 16) left a screening audience confused by the film’s ending, the studio reshot with stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver. “No one had cut his or her hair drastically,” says a source.

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