Pamela Lansden
June 05, 1989 12:00 PM


Despite a printed report that a fall wedding is planned, neither director Steven Spielberg, 41, nor Kate Capshaw, 35, his leading lady in the 1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie, will confirm that they are a romantic couple. But friends insist that they are, though they’re discreet. “Spielberg never showed up and his name was never mentioned,” says a cast member who worked with Capshaw last winter in Black Ruin, her forthcoming movie with Michael Douglas. And Spielberg and wife Amy (Crossing Delancey) Irving, 35, from whom he has been separated officially since last month, have remained chummy enough for her to visit the set of Always, the movie Spielberg is directing with Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss. Capshaw, meanwhile, has been sticking close to her Santa Monica home lately, where she has been taking care of a 6-month-old foster baby. But friends don’t buy all this public non-togetherness. Says one: “They will get married sometime. It’s easy to see how he fell in love. She is the warmest, sweetest woman. And she would have to be very much in love to stick with him through all this.”


At last year’s Cannes Film Festival, the hot dish was that Robert Redford, 51, and Sonia Braga, 38 (right), his sexy Brazilian star in The Milagro Beanfield War, were an item. His spokesperson said it just wasn’t so and that Bob was a married man. Well, he’s still not a single guy (though of late he has often lived apart from Lola, his wife since 1958), but he definitely now is seeing Braga. “He likes her,” says a friend. “She makes him laugh. But there’s nothing serious. He sees other women as well.” The line forms to the left.


There are few celebrity sightings left in Hollywood that can stir the natives to their car phones, but glimpsing Madonna, 30, and Warren Beatty, 52, together definitely rates a full-fledged gossip alert. Although the two always arrive at and leave spots separately, they’ve been eyeballed recently at the Columbia Bar & Grill (she paid), at the Great Greek restaurant (he paid) and at Catch One disco, where Madonna danced with others while Beatty looked on. Witnesses say they appear smitten, and he is reportedly spending a lot of time at her Hollywood Hills house. A bartender at one of their hangouts, asked if the Madonna-Warren tête-à-tête he viewed might have been a business conference, said, “If it was, I want to go to work for them.” This is all old hat by now to the cast and crew members of Dick Tracy, the comic strip-based movie Beatty has been directing since February (Madonna plays Breathless Mahoney, Beatty plays Tracy). An on-set source says, “She’s always walking up behind him and putting her arms around his chest and squeezing him. That’s when we know the work day is about over.”

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