Pamela Lansden
April 03, 1989 12:00 PM


The Motion Picture Association of America has given Scandal, a new British film, its dreaded X rating. Scandal is about the 1963 headline-grabbing exposure of the randy romps between Britain’s War Secretary, John Profumo (played by Ian McKellen), and call girls Christine Keeler (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer) and Mandy Rice-Davies (Bridget Fonda, Peter’s daughter). It is Scandal’s two-minute orgy scene (with a dozen nude actors, including John Hurt and Britt Ekland) that has the MPAA steaming. The MPAA’s Richard Heffner says, “We aren’t at liberty to discuss our classifications. But it wasn’t violence that brought the X rating.” Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein objects: “This is an intelligent movie. We aren’t doing porno. The orgy is the most famous party in British history.” Rather than edit the film, he hopes to gather critical support to appeal the rating. Miramax is holding off releasing Scandal pending a rating change.


Dennis Quaid will have to settle for playing Jerry Lee Lewis in his next movie, Great Balls of Fire! (due in July), rather than becoming a rock star in his own right. Quaid, laying down licks on the guitar and piano, did a one-nighter last month at the Club Postnuclear in Laguna Beach, Calif. Reviewer Mike Boehm wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “Maybe this was just a bad night for him, but Quaid’s hoarse, scratchy, tuneless voice was far from big, and never easy.” Quaid, who for a while was talking about doing his own singing in Great Balls, ended up being dubbed by the Killer himself, “it was his choice not to sing,” says producer Adam Fields.


The prestigious Hollywood Women’s Political Committee is warning the legislators it helped send to Washington, D.C., that HWPC wants their support in preserving abortion rights. Two weeks ago in L.A., such celebs as Teri Garr, Barbra Streisand, Cybill Shepherd, Penny Marshall, Donna Mills, Meg Ryan, Alec Baldwin, Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden (he sat in the back, she in the front) listened as Jill Eikenberry, above, and Gloria Steinem urged them to sign up for a charter flight to D.C. for a major pro-choice march next weekend (April 7-9). Morgan Fairchiid said the stars will play hardball with the pols who don’t help the campaign. She says, “I’m sure the next time someone calls and wants me to fly across country to slosh through snow for a fundraiser, I’ll be too busy.”

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