Pamela Lansden
September 05, 1988 12:00 PM

After lugging all those diamonds around playing Barbara Hutton in Poor Little Rich Girl, Farrah Fawcett will only have to carry a camera when she plays Margaret Bourke-White, the famous LIFE magazine photographer, in a made-for-TV movie scheduled for 1989 on Ted Turner’s new TNT broadcast service. A spokesman for Barbra Streisand said the actress still has plans on her agenda for a Bourke-White feature film.

More from the it’s-all-relative-in-show-business file: Would-be singer Jamie Skylar, Don Johnson’s younger sis, who has recently been talking about her brother’s past drug use, now says she has penned a song about Don. Lyrics include: “Caught up in a world so far gone you get disillusioned/ You got lost in all its money and confusion.” Says Jamie, 35, about her rift with Johnson, “All brothers and sisters have their ups and downs. We’ll make up but it’ll come from me. It always has.”…

Eddie Murphy’s brother, rapper Vernon Lynch Jr., 21, says he doesn’t appreciate insinuations that being related to Eddie helped him bag a record deal. Vernon says his signing was due to “raw talent.” However, on Lynch’s first LP, due Sept. 29, one of the songs he does with partner Wardell Mahone is called “Somebody’s Brother.” The chorus goes, “You see, I don’t mind workin’ undercover/It’s a blessing not a curse to be somebody’s brother.”…

And, Robert Wagner’s oldest daughter, Katie, 24, has landed an on-air job with the Movietime cable service. She’ll introduce film clips and interview celebrities.

Director Jonathan (Married to the Mob) Demme, who just finished shooting a music video with the Feelies (the band from his film Something Wild), says the next movie on his schedule is going to be Miami Blues. The cast will include Fred (Big Business) Ward, Alec (Married to the Mob) Baldwin and Jennifer Jason (Under Cover) Leigh. “Alec plays a blithe psychopath, and Fred is a homicide detective who gets beat up,” says Demme.

Carnie Wilson, 20, daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, has always been the shoo-in to play Cass Elliot in the film version of Michelle Phillips’ California Dreamin’, about Michelle’s days with the Mamas and the Papas. At 5’4″ and close to 200 lbs., Carnie fitted the role of the bountiful Mama Cass—who died in 1974—dangerously well. No more. With the help of nutritionist Lisa Roth (David Lee Roth’s sister), Carnie has lost more than 60 pounds in four months. Says the still shedding Wilson: “I’d rather be thin and healthy than play a part. Besides, the producers say they can pad me to make me look heavier. I plan on being 120 lbs. by Christmas.” Michelle’s part will be played by Chynna Phillips, 20, who is her daughter by Papa John Phillips.

What’s in a name? Rumor has it that the middle name of Rumer Glenn Willis, the new baby daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is in honor of Glenn Gordon Caron, executive producer of Moonlighting and one of Bruce’s best friends. Rumor does not have it concerning the firstborn’s first name. Says Willis’ publicist: “Bruce does not discuss his personal life and has not told us anything about the baby’s name.”

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