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Trying to make a movie of Michael Weller’s off-Broadway smash, Spoils of War, is generating major heat. Barbra Streisand, Jessica Lange and Jane Fonda are all said to be angling to play the lead role of a sexually and politically liberal housewife whose marriage is crumbling. Kate Nelligan, whose box-office appeal is judged nil by Hollywood since Eleni and Without a Trace bombed, is playing the part onstage. Babs has Warner Brothers in her camp, Lange has Universal behind her, and Fonda has Columbia fighting for her. The delighted writer is not about to pick one of the three as his fave. “It’s an embarrassment of riches,” says Weller.

Whitney Houston is keeping Alberto Tomba, Italy’s Olympic gold-medal-winning giant-slalom champion, from getting any sleep. On the afternoon before her recent concert in Rome, Whitney was sunning herself on the balcony of her suite at the Hotel Excelsior. The fans below began cheering loudly, which woke up Tomba, who was napping in the suite a floor above Whitney’s. He came out onto his balcony too, but before introductions could be made, the cops arrived and asked Houston to return to her room because the crowds were blocking traffic.

Bette Midler, whose Big Business is such a hit, says she’s planning a remake of the 1937 Barbara Stanwyck weepie about mother love, Stella Dallas. “It’s updated and contemporized,” claims Bette, who is busy shooting Beaches with co-star Barbara Hershey.

The answer is Kathleen Turner. The question is (and the folks at Disney are no help here), who is the sexy voice of the femme fatale Jessica Rabbit in the studio’s new semianimated comedy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which opened this week? Though Turner’s voice is uncredited, her spokesperson confirmed those are her come-hither tones. When Jessica belts her one ballad, though, the voice belongs not to Turner but to Amy Irving, who does get a mention in the credits. The film’s co-executive producer is her husband, Steven Spielberg.

Camera-happy Prince Andrew did such a jolly good job snapping photos of castles across Great Britain that the nation’s post office now plans on issuing in October a set of stamps featuring his pictures. The most expensive, a £5 stamp, will feature Windsor Castle, a royal home.

More on Andy: The prince, a lieutenant and weapons-training specialist in the Royal Navy, set sail last week on a six-month voyage to the Far East and Australia, which means he’ll probably miss the birth in August of his and Fergie’s first child. To keep Fergie company, he has given her a brown-and-white puppy named Bendick’s (after a chocolate mint). Buckingham Palace says the puppy is a Warwickshire terrier, but Britain’s Kennel Club says there’s no such breed registered. “Perhaps he’s a Jack Russell terrier that was born in Warwickshire,” says a club spokesman.

There was apparently a lot of horseplay around the set of Young Guns, a Western that opens in August and stars Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Kiefer Sutherland and Lou (La Bamba) Diamond Phillips, who turned out to be the pack prankster. “I’d make cracks like, ‘We’re out here in the West, where men are men and sheep are nervous…,’ ” says Phillips. “I had been giving Emilio a hard time about that one. So I got one of the wranglers to place a sheep inside Emilio’s trailer. But the wrangler put in a goat by mistake. The wardrobe people had dolled the goat up in frilly pantaloons and a spring bonnet. Emilio loved it. That sort of stuff went on all the time.” Now, if the movie’s just half as sophisticated…