Pamela Lansden
June 06, 1988 12:00 PM

Life is tough enough these days for embattled Attorney General Edwin Meese, but now he has to avoid several Washington, D.C., bridges and the Justice Department’s own bathrooms and to be careful which radio stations he tunes in. Poster and graffiti artists have called Meese a “pig” and a “sleaze” on the city’s bridges, abandoned buildings and the Justice Department’s stalls; deejays on the local WAVA radio station, in a demonstration of their own tastelessness, sang “Meese Is a Pig” to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell” and declared a Meese Is a Pig day.

For a while there, the folks at the Cannes Film Festival were sure that Robert Redford had admitted to being in love with Sonia Braga, the Brazilian actress who starred in The Milagro Beanfield War, which he directed. During a press conference, Bob was asked about their rumored romance. Redford smiled and said, “So it’s out,” and that was good enough for some European papers to gush about an affaire de coeur. Now Redford’s publicist wants the stories to stop. “Sonia is fabulous and we all love her,” she says, “but they’re just very good friends.” Redford is still married to Lola, his wife of 30 years. As for his reply at Cannes, the publicist says, “He thought he was being very funny and cool.”

More on Cannes: Isabella Rossellini infuriated film festival officials when she broke her agreement to serve as a judge. Her excuse: She had to start shooting the English language remake of Cousin, Cousine. Her agent, Frances Grill, told her not to worry about lawsuits. Says Grill: “There are three allowable reasons for leaving a judging job at Cannes: birth, death and a movie.” Isabella is now shooting the flick in Vancouver with costar Ted Danson.

Photographer Bruce Weber had already finished filming Let’s Get Lost, his documentary on jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, but now the movie needs an epilogue. On Friday the 13th, Weber showed the first edit to a select audience, then learned that Baker had died the previous day after falling out of a second story window in Amsterdam. Weber made funeral arrangements and paid to have Baker’s body shipped to L.A. for burial. In Let’s Get Lost, Baker talks about his lifelong drug problems and Amsterdam police say Baker had taken heroin just before he fell. Weber hasn’t decided yet how to note Baker’s death in the film.

Dom DeLuise, who couldn’t make it to pals Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson’s wedding because of an engagement in Atlantic City (see Mail, page 4), joined up with them before their marriage to make an animated film called All Dogs Go to Heaven. Reynolds does the voice of a German shepherd, while Dom’s a dachshund and Loni is a “beautiful dog—probably a French poodle.” What does Dom think of Loni? “She’s a neat lady. You could eat off her face.” As to what Burt thinks of her: “He told me the wedding was ‘fantastic,’ ” says Dom. “He wonders why he waited so long.”

The Beverly Hillbillies’ Donna (Elly Mae) Douglas and The Munsters’ Butch (Eddie) Patrick are producing a live-action kids’ TV program called Elly Mae & Friends, which they hope to syndicate or sell to a network. Says Patrick: “It’ll be a cross between Pee-wee Herman and Mister Rogers.” Douglas and Patrick met while appearing at the Minnesota State Fair.

Sarah Brennan Lindsay, the widow of Maj. Hugh Lindsay, who was killed in the avalanche at Klosters that also nearly claimed Prince Charles last March, gave birth to an 8 lb., 2 oz. daughter on May 20. Neither Lindsay nor Buckingham Palace, where she is a press officer, would confirm rumors that Charles will be the godfather.

British bookies have suspended bets on the sex of Prince Andrew and Fergie’s baby, due in August. At a recent dinner, Andrew let slip, “I’m sure we’re having a girl.”

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