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Kris Nelson, ex-wife of the late singer Rick Nelson, has agent Al Lowman trying to sell her as yet untitled book. She’s writing about her own famous family—her parents are gridiron legend Tom Harmon and actress Elyse Knox—as well as the Ozzie & Harriet family into which she married. Last summer, brother Mark Harmon and his wife, Pam Dawber, brought legal action to assume custody of Kris and Rick’s son, Sam, 13, while Kris was recovering from an addiction to prescription drugs. Now she has her son back and, says Lowman, her self-respect. “Kris’s book will be important, in the style of Brooke Hayward’s Haywire or Candice Bergen’s Knock Wood,” he says.

More Celeb Book Beat: Lauren Bacall’s 1978 autobiography, By Myself, was such a hit, she’s now working on another, this one for Knopf Inc., about the past 10 years of her life…Arlene Dahl is simultaneously writing a novel and its screen treatment, both called The Corporate Body. It’s about four women who claw their way to the top in the fashion industry…Mamie Van Doren, who broke into the ranks of authors last year with Playing the Field, her and-then-I-slept-with autobiography, is also working on a screenplay and novel at the same time; her double-medium oeuvre is titled—are you ready?—Sex Kitten in Vietnam. Back in 1971, Van Doren performed there…And Raymond Burr is writing a book. He says, “It has nothing to do with Perry Mason or Ironside. It’s a suspense novel, and it’s going to take a long time to write.”

Madonna has optioned the film rights to hip young novelist Lorrie Moore’s Anagrams. Patricia (9½ Weeks) Knop is working on a screen adaptation now.

Start picking out baby gifts for Fred Grandy. The Republican Congressman from Iowa, who for nine years was Gopher on The Love Boat, and TV reporter Catherine Mann, his bride of one year, are expecting their first baby. Grandy, married previously, says, “My first two kids have turned out very well. Now, if the third can match up, I’ll consider it a hat trick.” The baby, Mann’s first, is due in September. Her second novel, Rumors, comes out the next month.

Frank (Barfly) Stallone was scheduled to play a Vietnam vet gone berserk (shades of older brother Sly’s Rambo) in Cinetel’s Flashback, but switched to the smaller role of a convict just days before shooting began in January. Says Frank: “I don’t want to do any soldier or boxer parts.”

Matthew Broderick, whose Biloxi Blues opens March 25, next rushes into the arms of older love Cybill Shepherd in Life After Life this spring. It’s Broderick’s first movie since his auto accident in Northern Ireland last summer.

In his first starring role in a feature film, Bronson (Perfect Strangers) Pinchot plays a psychic in Second Sight, which begins filming next month in Boston. To prepare, he has been hanging out with a lot of the farsighted types. “If you go to a good one, they talk to you like a very wise person instead of a goon with a turban on.” But he says he’s still not a full believer.

Heartbeat Beat: Lorenzo Lamas met Daphne Ashbrook when they were co-starring in Falcon Crest. Now, says his publicist, Lamas is introducing Daphne as his fiancée, “but they have no date set.” Lamas has been married twice.

Orson Welles’s first word in Citizen Kane was “Rosebud.” But what was his last line onscreen? Two months before Welles died on Oct. 10, 1985, he completed his final role, playing himself in director Henry (Always) Jaglom’s Someone to Love, due next month. As the last scene was being shot, Welles said he’d emoted enough and wanted to stop, but Jaglom kept the cameras rolling. Welles took control and, fittingly enough, bellowed, “Cut!”