Frank Sanello
January 11, 1988 12:00 PM

Madonna mia! David has his statue in Florence, Moses has one in Rome. Now the city of Madonna‘s forefathers, the central Italian town of Pacentro, is considering erecting a statue to its most famous favorite daughter, even though she never managed to visit during her concert tour of Italy last fall. Raffaele Santini, Pacentro’s mayor, says, “As a private citizen I am against putting up a statue of Madonna, but as mayor I have to consider all aspects.” Stateside, the material girl has withdrawn her petition for divorce from Sean Penn, and there’s no comment yet from the star or her publicist on stories appearing in the European press that she’s preggers.

More on the pregnancy beat: At the New York premiere of his new movie, Good Morning, Vietnam, Robin Williams patted the tummy of pregnant Glenn Close, went “Eee-eeh-eee-eeh” and promised to send her the cast-off toys of Zachary, his 4-year-old son….

Donna de Varona lent support from the audience during the taping of a June episode of Growing Pains to her real-life sister, actress Joanna Kerns. In the episode, Kerns’s character, Maggie, has flashbacks about her pregnancies. A sports commentator for ABC and winner of two gold medals for swimming in the 1964 Olympics, de Varona was expecting a real-life baby early this year.

Publisher G. P. Putnam’s Sons has asked Mariette Hartley to write an autobiography. Hartley, who returned to acting in the just-completed Vietnam-themed movie 1969, says she’ll be including a chapter or two on her recent disastrous year as co-anchor on CBS’ The Morning Program, but promises the book won’t be “kiss and tell.”

At the ripe old age of 29, Michael Jackson is being honored this spring with a lifetime achievement special on the Showtime cable network, complete with appreciative filmed comments from Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and other celebs. The hour show will cover Jackson’s career as a child performer, adult superstar and all-around weird guy. When Motown Productions (Jackson was a Motown artist as a youngster) first approached Mr. Bad about the show, Jackson mistakenly thought 60 Minutes wanted to profile him and suggested Ed Bradley as his anchor of choice.

No more Mrs. Mom: Valerie Harper, who with husband Tony Cacciotti recently adopted a 4½-year-old girl, Cristina, says from now on she’s an offscreen mother only. “I don’t want to star in a sitcom with kids,” she says, maybe because Jason Bateman and the other child actors on NBC’s Valerie, from which she was fired last year, kept stealing the show. Harper says next she’d like to create a pilot based on her real-life experiences with ex-husband actor Richard Schaal, with whom she lived for two years as a friend after the marriage ended. “When girlfriends would pester Dick to marry them, I’d tell him to use me as an excuse,” she recalls.

Tony Roberts, who stars in ABC’s new comedy The Thorns, is best known as Woody Allen’s confidant on—and off—screen. Roberts says he didn’t discuss his plans to do, ahem, television with Allen. “We limit our discussion to the chessboard and the baseball diamond,” the actor says.

This week’s Least Popular Guest at a Screening Award goes to Eddie Murphy and entourage. Midway through a showing of Bill Cosby’s bomb Leonard Part 6, Murphy got the munchies and sent a buddy out for groceries since the posh Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills had no snack bar. The man returned with a bag full of goodies, and Murphy and company noisily snapped, crackled and popped their way through the rest of the film.

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