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Take One

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Help wanted: Need agt. & mgr. to launch showbiz career of former Fla. pharm. saleswmn. who got mxed up w/Pres. cand. Have clips. It seems Donna Rice has had a tough time finding the right agent and manager to push her showbiz career. Her ABC-TV movie deal is on hold, and she hasn’t taken any ad offers since No Excuses jeans. She has complained that the people she’s interested in aren’t interested in her. “It’s the stigma,” says a friend.

Last week we left Jessica Hahn languishing in the Playboy mansion under the care of bunny practitioner Carrie Leigh (Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend). Hahn had undergone plastic surgery as part of her continuing attempt to overcome her allegedly traumatic sexual encounter with evangelist Jim Bakker seven years ago. Although her logic may elude some, her new look (the work of Dr. Steven Hoefflin, Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon) is clear: breasts enlarged to 34D, a decreased nose and contoured cheeks. “I was a slave all those years to others. I’m running my life now,” she says. “I want to start over as a new person.” As for Penthouse’s story that she was a prostitute, Hahn says she has taken a lie detector test to prove it’s not true and is considering a lawsuit.

Hollywood baby boon: Moonlighting writers love giving birth to labored plots. Get this one: A pregnant Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) will continue to keep David (Bruce Willis) at arm’s length. David is so overcome with paternal desires that when he meets a pregnant and unwed Brooke Adams, he throws himself into her pregnancy and becomes her labor coach. Soon, he’s smitten. (For more on real-life mom Cybill, see page 30.)

Pass the forceps please. In director-screenwriter John Hughes’s much-delayed She’s Having a Baby, which finally opens Feb. 12, the obstetrician and nurses in the delivery sequence are real. “I was so afraid of a doctor looking and saying, ‘No, that’s not how it is,’ ” says Hughes. In his quest for verisimilitude, he also had stars Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern attend a Lamaze class for some Method breathing.

Stepford wife from Hell: Roseanne Barr, the comedienne who claims she won’t clean house until Sears makes a vacuum she can ride, will star in a half-hour pilot for an ABC sitcom about a Midwestern housewife/factory worker. Barr will have three kids in the show, each one more whiney and annoying than the next.

Meg Tilly, who was a nun in Agnes of God, will be seen in the altogether, or nearly, when she beds down with Rob Lowe in Masquerade. The thriller opens this spring. “It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my career,” says Tilly of the sex scene. Worried about revealing more than she wanted to, Tilly wore masking tape over her chest and sideless underwear. “Rob saw the tape and started laughing. He really helped me through it by making a lot of jokes—none of which are repeatable,” she says.

Anthony Perkins can’t keep away from the psychos. He’s got the title role in a new version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which starts shooting in February. This time around, Hyde—the bad one—turns into London’s Jack the Ripper.

Singer Vanity, who next stars with Carl Weathers in Action Jackson, says she’ll marry Motley Crue’s bass player, Nikki Sixx, by year’s end…. More wedding news: She got her man, but now Demi wants Moore, so Bruce Willis and his bride are doing it all again. The couple, married secretly in Las Vegas on Nov. 21, are organizing a bash that’s going to be, in the words of one of the 10 bridesmaids, “big, big, big!” The attendants will wear black tie and long black satin gowns at the Dec. 20 affair in Los Angeles.