Rebecca Bricker
January 20, 1986 12:00 PM

Roxanne Pulitzer is writing an as yet untitled book about child custody laws and the inequities of the U.S. judicial system. Roxanne, who lost custody of her twin sons, Mack and Zack, now 8, following her 1982 divorce from Palm Beach newspaper heir Peter Pulitzer, has been lecturing on the same subject. (She claims to have turned down an audition for Miami Vice because she was speaking to a group of Dallas attorneys on that day.) Roxanne hasn’t totally shunned show business however. While Random House editors pore over her manuscript, Roxanne is eyeing the lead role in the TV version of Pat Booth’s steamy novel Palm Beach. “I get along well with Ed Feldman, the producer,” says Roxanne, “and he promised me the part.”

Eleanor Mondale, Fritz’s 26-year-old daughter, who has played a TV anchor-woman on Dynasty and covered Farm Aid for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Evening News pilot, has just finished a stint as an airborne traffic reporter for WMAQ radio in Chicago. “This helicopter thing is so cool,” enthused Eleanor. “You miss rush hour at both ends.” Though she’s no longer in the chopper, she is on Cloud 9 with Chicago Bear offensive tackle Keith Van Home. Eleanor won’t say much about their budding romance except: “He’s really got his head screwed on right.” Apparently one whirlybird in the family is plenty.

Jane Seymour negotiated an unusual clause in her contract for Aaron Spelling’s ABC miniseries, Crossings, based on Danielle Steel’s best-seller: She gets to keep all 31 of the World War II-era costumes designed for her by Dynasty’s Nolan Miller. The actress, who collects vintage clothing, wangled outfits from her previous minis, The Sun Also Rises and East of Eden.

Gilda Radner and Gene Wilder enjoyed a quiet wedding in the south of France a year ago. But their encore performance on the set of Haunted Honeymoon, a movie due out this summer, was anything but sedate. During a scene in which Radner and Wilder get married, Dom DeLuise—in drag as Aunt Kate—kept flubbing his lines. It took almost an entire day to complete the shoot, but Radner later remarked, “Saying ‘I do’ 18 times was all right by me.”

Former CHiPS actress-turned-free-lance-journalist Brianne Leary signed a development deal for an ABC movie about her experience in war-torn Afghanistan early last year. While researching an article for TV Guide on the restricted news coverage of the fighting, Leary was smuggled into the country by Afghan rebels during a major Soviet offensive. There’s talk that the movie may become a pilot for a series about a female war correspondent. Meantime, Leary, who guest-stars on the Jan. 23 episode of Simon & Simon, is heading to Central America to make a documentary.

Warner Bros, restored 10 minutes of original footage to Sam Peckinpah’s 1969 film The Wild Bunch before releasing a new home video version. Most of the missing scenes were flashbacks showing the early life of William Holden’s character, Pike Bishop. When the film was first released Peckinpah said, “These cuts are a disaster.” Apparently, Warner’s agrees….

Never mind that Olympic track star Evelyn Ashford is in training for a Pepsi-sponsored meet in April. “I’d love to do [an endorsement for] Coca-Cola,” says Ashford. Even if Pepsi offered her more money? “Well,” she demurs, “I’d have to do the taste test.”

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