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Take One

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John Travolta and Robert Stigwood, producer of Saturday Night Fever and Staying Alive, are discussing yet another sequel to Tony Manero’s Brooklyn-to-Broadway saga. Next time out, Manero may go Hollywood, and Travolta, perhaps fancying himself the Perfect writer for the project, may pen the screenplay….

Word is that producer Ray Stark and director James Bridges are developing a film for Debra Winger about ’30s torch singer Libby Holman. Last spring Madonna was reported to be a contender for the role.

Farrah Fawcett is up for the lead in NBC’s four-hour mini Poor Little Rich Girl, inspired by C. David Heymann’s controversial biography of Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton….

Producers of Lana Turner’s CBS biopic are looking for an unknown actress to play the screen siren. The movie, based on Turner’s autobiography, Lana: the Lady, the Legend, the Truth, will cover the star’s life from 17 to 37. Audrey Landers, 26, who plays Val in the movie A Chorus Line, was so keen on getting the part that she posed for a Lana look-alike photo. “Audrey’s very good,” says co-producer Joe Byrne. “But, no offense to her, I don’t know if she could play 17.”…

If Whoopi (The Color Purple) Goldberg ever does an autobiography she may have to call it Caryn: the Lady, the Legend, the Truth. Whoopi’s legal name, which she’s long kept hidden, is Caryn Johnson.

Michael Wolper (whose father, David, masterminded the Olympics’ opening and closing ceremonies) and USA for Africa organizer Ken Kragen are lining up the talent for ABC’s rock video celebration of the Statue of Liberty centennial in July. Paul Mazursky, William Friedkin, Marilyn and Alan Bergman and Richard Baskin have agreed to direct segments. On the growing list of performers: Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin, Hall & Oates, and the Pointer Sisters.

Former Miss America Vanessa Williams and Ramon Hervey, the L.A. publicist who stood at her side during her ordeal, are engaged to be married in the fall….

The producers of the new movie Murphy’s Romance needed an actor who could also work a soda fountain—serving up lemon Cokes and chocolate soda frosties to Sally Field. They found a ready-made candidate in James Garner. “Hell, I’ve been making frosties since I was a 9-year-old at a pharmacy in Norman, Okla., says Garner, adding, “Sometimes I think I should’ve stuck with being a soda jerk. I had a real following.”

Inveterate street guy-turned-actor Joe Dallesandro, who played a junkie in the Andy Warhol flick Trash and “Lucky” Luciano in Cotton Club, will co-star with Carl (Rocky IV) Weathers in an ABC series called Fortune Dane. Dallesandro plays a Bay City police detective….

Though Virginia Christine, 65, was canned as Folger Coffee spokesman “Mrs. Olson,” she has landed the role of a Swedish maid in an episode of ABC’s The Insiders. “It’s like beginning a second career,” she says. “I feel like a born-again Christine.”