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She didn’t exactly give her all for her art, but Mork & Mindy grad Pam Dawber did go so far as to forfeit a few follicles. Playing an American geisha in the CBS TV movie Geisha, Dawber wore a 15-pound wig, which was attached to a metal skullcap, which was taped to her head. The result, she says, was a bald spot “the size of a 50 cent piece” near her brow. Though she grew bangs to cover it, Dawber notes, “I try not to stand in strong winds.”…From the what-ever-happened-to file: Marcia Wallace, the wiseacre receptionist on the old Bob Newhart Show, is now appearing as a regular on ABC’s revamped Love, American Style. In one episode she plays a Ruth Westheimer-esque sex therapist. “Someone asks me, ‘Is sex at 65 all right?’ ” Wallace says, “And I answer, ‘It’s better if you pull off the road.’ ”

Alan Thicke, once the victim of many a critic’s poison pen, finds a Top 20 show heals most wounds. With Growing Pains a success, Thicke is now working on three TV projects, including the Noone Hour, a sitcom about married talk show hosts who work together after their divorce. Thicke, who would write and produce, says it is partly autobiographical: He and ex-wife Gloria Loring lived in the same house after filing for divorce. Another perk of success? “To pick up a paper and read a nice caption under my photo, instead of, ‘Where’s a good sniper when you need one?’ ”

Director Penelope (The Boys Next Door) Spheeris’ next film, Boy Child, has the most bizarre plot in recent memory: A woman has an abortion, but the fetus lives and is raised in a research hospital until the age of 7, when he is reunited with his mother. Spheeris insists the movie is “about motherly love” and is not intended as a political statement about abortion. Activists on both sides may disagree….

Rock video director Bob (Beat It) Giraldi is making a TV movie about life at the Club Med resorts, starring Linda (Terminator) Hamilton. Says producer Karen Mack: “It’s not going to be what goes on in reality at European resorts, like partial nudity, but what’s acceptable on TV” Like volleyball in bikinis?…

Singer Kenny Loggins and English TV personality Paula Yates will co-host Rocker ’85, a syndicated special reviewing the year in rock music. The show, airing in January, will feature 1985’s best videos and interviews with Sting and Tina Turner. There will also be footage from the Live Aid concert, in which Yates takes a personal interest: She is the longtime love of Live Aid mastermind Bob Geldof.

Keenan Wynn, 69, doesn’t believe the adage that actors should never work with kids or animals. “I don’t care how many goddamn animals I work with,” Wynn snorts, “and I’ve worked with all of them—elephants, camels….” In the film Hyper Sapien, he adds a new critter: a trilaterally symmetrical alien named Kirbi. “He plays cards,” says the tolerant Wynn. “So what if he has three arms and uses two decks? I just have to make sure he doesn’t cheat.”

The Price Is Right is looking for a new announcer to replace the late Johnny Olson. Candidates include Gene Wood of Family Feud and nationally syndicated deejay Charlie Tuna, but no women have auditioned yet. Says producer Frank Wayne: “I think it’s because women still have an aura of dignity that makes them above certain types of announcing.”